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bubuli234720.jpgby Bubuli – In case you’ve been dwelling too much on the reason why Sanjaya is still not booted out of American Idol and have not been in touch with the outside world, one of the bigger news in the last few days is about Radio DJ Don Imus being under fire for using derogatory remarks regarding Rutgers University’s women basketball team which comprised of black African American women.

People left and right have made a huge issue about this…so much that big shots like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have been serenading the press yapping how the African American community has been hurt by this wrong-doing by Don Imus. NBC severing its ties with the Radio Show along with huge sponsors like American Express dropping their advertising support.

Wow. I mean, wow, seriously.

Don Imus said something stupid. I think we all agree on that one. But, hey, people say stupid things all the time…Heck, I’ll probably look at this article a week from now and realize…”What the…? What was I smoking when I wrote this piece?”

And, true, Don Imus should take accountability for that.

Here’s what’s bothering me, though: Why does everyone seem to overreact to this whole thing? Why not let Don Imus pay a huge fine and let us get on with our lives? This has been on the front page long enough; I need to know the deets about Angelina Jolie’s next adopted baby without clicking through so many links, damn it!

Oh, I know…people are going to say:

But, Bubuli, he has a wide audience! He should have been more careful in exercising his freedom of speech! He should have not used such racist remarks on live radio! That’s irresponsible.

Man, if I had a penny everytime I hear/read that…

Have you listened to how Don Imus used the “derogatory remark?” He used it as a punch line; out of character, if you will. Second, he admitted that he did wrong and apologized profusely about it.

And I know this has been pointed out already, but let me get this on the table anyway: Why the double standards? Why the hypocrisy, Mr. Sharpton and Mr. Jackson? You hear this from rap music all the time–a lot of times even worse. How come there wasn’t anything done about that? I never heard the NAACP bitching about the demeaning lyrics towards African American women in rap music.

Oh, and did you know? Don Imus has been helping children with cancer in the last 20 years via a NBC radiothon…and NBC decided to pull the plug on that. Yeah, he helped children with cancer…but he made a racial slur! Don Imus is a baaaaad person. Please.

I think there are much bigger issues in the world today that we need to address. People losing common sense is one of them.

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  1. Shane says:

    They should fire that ignoramus!

  2. Dodo says:

    Imus is an idiot and so is this writer. Peace. ;-)

  3. Datu Puti says:

    It’s only racist if you say something against blacks. Apparently, it’s okay for African Americans to consistenly say demean women and other ethnic or racial groups. For example:


    Update: She’s still the morning jock on HOT 97

    Also, we all know the major themes in mainstream Rap.

  4. Daphne says:

    When it comes to racism, Filipinos are the worst! If you’re black, you’d never want to be in a mall in the Philippines. Watch out!

  5. Datu Puti says:

    I beg to differ, Daphne. Filipinos are a whole other thing. They are not racist, the colonial mentality is so strong that it is not possible. They might not only look down upon blacks, as dictated by the Americans, but also hate themselves, instill first by the Spanish. To this day, tens of millions of Filipinos swear they have Spanish blood in them when they don’t. Filipinos dont have enough pride and love for themselves to be racists.

  6. Chief says:

    We do have enough Pride and Love for ourselves as a Pinoy Datu, making you a Fil-am Doesn’t separate you from us being what you just mentioned.oh well i will not be suprised if you lost your pride and love for yourself as a pinoy..i forgotten you are an American sixty cents..by law …”Pinoys Like you are like a Banana yellow on the outside White on the inside..am i being Racist? i hope so..coz that will only prove my pride and my vanity to Datu..

  7. Chief says:

    Bubuli Imus had been Forgiven
    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070414/ap_on_en_ot/imus_protests those people who are riding the issue might have something hidden on their agenda..2008 perhaps? or being manipulated by the Bush’s Spin Doctors so that people will forget about the Tour Extention In Iraq? who knows? we might as well get over it and move on

  8. Bubuli says:

    …those people who are riding the issue might have something hidden on their agenda

    of course there’s hidden agenda! Everyone who had their 15 minutes of fame on this has their own! Sharpton and Jackson feed on the limelight…without these controversies–without non-black people making a slightest hint of racism (even if unintentional)…they are pretty much nuisance to their “people.”

    the other thing that’s upsetting me about this whole thing is that huge companies like CBS/NBC did not do what they just did not because of moral obligation but because of MONEY. They are pressured by their advertisers.

    this would have not gone as much as as it did if it wasn’t for the one-sidedness of the media.

    Bah. what can I say? At the end of the day everything is about money.

  9. Datu Puti says:

    Chief, ipagpatawad mo kung ‘di ko isinaad ang nasasaisip ko ng mabuti. Ipinagmamalaki ko ang aking pagkatagalog, kailanmay ‘di ko ito ikinahiya. Ang sa akin ay ito, sabihin mo sa akin kung ano ang katangian pangatawan ng isang pilipino, marahil ay sinabi mo ang “pango” at “kayumangi”; ngayon tanungin mo sarili mo kung ano ang sa tingin mo o ng madaming tao na isang magandang babae. Tutulungan na kita, buksan mo lang ang channel 2 o 7, kapamilya man o kapuso; manood ka ng isang beauty contest sa pinas at describe mo sa amin kung sino nanalo. That’s what I mean when I say they have no love for themselves. I hope you are a tsinoy or someone with a light complexion because a “banana” as you say is more for northeastern asians that are white in the inside. Malays are most commonly referred to as “coconuts” because they are usually BROWN on the outside, not Yellow. Sabihin mo sa akin kung bakit ang daming gustong magparetoke at magpaputi, hence papaya soap and Dr. Bello. My grandma was a beautiful woman (she showed me some old pictures) yet she repeatedly stated that she was ugly even when she was younger. I look at the picture and the only thing I could see that was flawed from a filipino perspective is her brown skin and “pango” nose. If most filipinos are brown and pango, why do we think na ang maganda ay katangian ng mga dayuhan?

  10. reb_el z. says:


    speaking of radio…

    the only reason sanjaya is still in american idol (and i don’t watch dat crap) is cuz howard stern told all his listeners to vote:

    reason: he wanted to test if american idol is truly based on voting, and not by execs who oversee who gets voted out…

    now regarding radio: that’s why howard stern can basically say what the hell he wants…cuz he made satellite radio the way it is, without the FCC…

    now IMUS is beholdin to the FCC…let me just say personally his show is crap…and for him to still be on, is a miracle…but he strictly follows the FCC…

    and i did got to Rutgers…and def should not say anything bout the women’s b-ball team, they are absolutely the only sport back den that rutgers excelled in…

    IMUS is beholden to fcc, and his reprimand is the best possible punishment…

    doesn’t really matter if he has radiothons for kids, the mere fact that he wasn’t suppose to say something based on the FCC rules, is just a clear and obvious violation of the first amendment…

    SUPPORT HOWARD…he brings the first amendment and truly owns it…if it wasn’t for free speech, i can’t even talk to y’all…


  11. Chief says:

    walang kang dapat i hingi ng kapatawaran. you have proven na ikaw ay nanantiling Pinoy base sa iyong tinuran,nagkamali ako ng impresion sa iyong tinukoy , and i must agree na i should have used Coconuts nasanay lang ako using the Banana Term because of ‘TSINOYS” here in my place of dwelling.. I am a Proud Kayumangi but not a flat nosed, people who wanted Augmentations with their physical looks are clearly not satisfied with the God given assets antoher reason siguro is, masyado nang madami ang pera nila at wala na silang magawa kaya they make Botox ,lipo,facelift,etc..their hobbies..can you likewise name a few na walang pera who are interested in doing such? in my case i am dying to get rid of my extra slabs. but then i can’t do either one of the clinical procedures..so i just stick on traditional way of losing these pack..
    Beauty is always to the eye of Beholder..

  12. Datu Puti says:

    Well, I’m confident that if I went to the slums and offered free nose jobs, bleaching, etc.; that there would be half that would opt for it. Again, ask most any male from the motherland to describe beauty, regardless of class, and most will describe mistisas or ones with their characteristics. There is a few of us, even on here, that realize that the masses are still stuck with the colonial mentality that we’ve inherited from our ancestors. It is, for the most part, dictated and perpetuated by the media.

  13. Anonymous says:

    does any body tried doing free agmentation service in slums? i am likewise confident that if ever these people from slums ( Common Tao) offered free beautification services would rather ask for a free meal instead..or any tools that they can use in their daily battle with poverty..physical looks? they have neglected that a long time ago since they are too busy to find money for food..as for your definition of beauty i must agree it is indeed a colonial mentality ( for the modern Generation) but not for the minorities which still by far exsist..who happens to have no access of modern visual media

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