Pinoys tweet about election results

By Michal de Tagle – Filipinos are a formidable presence on the landscape of social media networks. 90% of Filipinos with a Web connection visit social networking sites, which is the top percentage in the world. And so it comes as no surprise that the Filipino people were making their views and opinions about the results of the elections known almost immediately as they were announced.

In fact, in many cases, the use of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook were the means by which people learned of election results, with various Tweeters (as Twitter users are nicknamed) posting updates on the results from either their own local precincts or reposting reports from television and radio and news websites for people who weren’t currently tuned into those sources, but were continually monitoring their Twitter feeds.

Tweets on Villar

Twitter updates on Senator Manny Villar formally conceding the race to Senator Aquino began flowing in while he was still speaking, before he ended and before any of the news networks had a chance to make a statement: “RT @iammiguelito: Manny villar concedes victory to noynoy aquino. Seeks chance to clear name also,” quipped a tweeter, before Villar had even finished speaking.

Shortly after, tweets commending him for his speech like “RT @jecoplacio: I have to commend Sen. Manny Villar for conceding this early” and tweets urging former, deposed President Estrada to follow Villar’s example: “Erap tuloy ang laban??? Concede na din!!! Lol!” – all within minutes of his speech.

Tweets on Aquinos

As the tallies pour in and the results look more and more certain, reactions and responses to the thought of an Aquino presidency – and predictions about how he would fare with Binay as his vice president, and his roster of Senators – began to pour in as well, running the range from humorous to jubilant to angry and despairing.

“If noynoy wins..will kris hold a gov’t. position?” asked one tweeter, while another asked: “RT @jpareyes: Can the real first lady pls stand up! Shalani or Kris A? Who is more influential to noynoy?”.

Others posited that Aquino would have a difficult presidency, and that he would invite his former opponents to be part of his administration: “Bawal magkamali si Noynoy, majority opposition ang senators niya. Haha. #juanvote #halalan #eleksyon2010” a tweet on the popular election-related hashtags #juanvote, #halalan (which was one of the most used topics in the world for a brief time during election day) and #eleksyon2010.

One said: “@dodgepodge: I hope Gordon and Gibo still serve the people under Noynoy’s government. #halalan #eleksyon #juanvote” and was answered: “RP needs them.”

“RT @elvinelvinelvin: Fast forward to Noynoy’s SONA, si GMA at Villar ang mga nasa likod niya. LOL. #halalan, #juanvote, #eleskyon2010” predicted another. Another had a darker prediction about history repeating itself in more ways than the Philippines electing another President Aquino: “Got a feeling that Binay will eventually (1-2 yrs) take over presidency from Noynoy just like GMA when she took over Erap’s. #halalan”

Elections a success

“Signs of change… Aquino – President, Marcos -Senator – reversed position though #juanvote #halalan #eleksyon2010” posted a wit.

Some posted dissatisfaction with the posted results: “@gangbadoy: All right. Voters’ Education 2016 begins TODAY. #halalan #juanvote #purplethumb”

“Congratulations Philippines! NOTHING CHANGED! You Win! Democracy Wins! Now Stop Complaining about your Country! #halalan #juanvote #eleksyon”

And many urged Filipinos, no matter who they had voted for or their opinion of their new president, to rally behind the new government. “Voting is just half the battle. half of it should be cooperation and unity behind the winners. #halalan” and “RT @patferranco: nakakainis pero we need to respect the vote of the MAJORITY. God bless the Philippines. #halalan” as examples.

“RT @choyzee: Buti pa ang flash card may MEMORY, ang mga Pinoy WALA. Mabuhay ang mga TRAPO!!! #eleksyon2010 #halalan #juanvote” another tweeter said, humorously repeating a joke about the much-maligned and even personified PCOS machines.

Vice presidential race

Others talked about the close Vice Presidential race between Senator Roxas and former Mayor Jejomar Binay, as well as the results from the Senatorial and Congressional elections.

“I don’t believe this. Aquino got more votes than roxas in ROXAS City?”

“Its ok if Sen. Bong Revilla wins. Pero as #1? Wow! His last movie must be really good!! Or maybe the otso-otso commercial?” quipped another, to be followed by, “Let the credits roll! RT @presidents: Parang roster ng teleserye cast o action film yung top senatorial candidates.” and “RT @CrisN73: @karen_davila Erap’s resurgence means we scrap telenovelas n make strictly politics a must to watch”

“How can a sitting President win a Congressional post? Only in this country. Gloria wins a congress seat.” complained another.

“AND MANNY PACQUIAO WON!?!? WTF!!! WHAT’S HE GONNA DO BOX EVERYONE!?!?” demanded one incensed Tweeter.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, users posted comments on the walls or pages of their favorite candidates’ Facebooks, as well as election-concerned Facebooks such as Halalan2010:

Rock Rebel: “Congrat´s Philippines…Mabuhay!!!Sana magkaisa na tayong mga Filipino tungo sa pag-unlad!!!”

Nayvel Jay Vestil: “Dapat sa bagong maupo na pangulo, bise pangulo tuparin ninyo nyong pangako sa panahon nang kampanya. lalong-lalo na sa outgoing president daming controbersyal, puro lahat scam. managot ang dapat managot.”


Challenge to presidential bets

On Aquino’s Facebook, people encouraged him: Richie Mend: “NOY! Now its your turn … YOU are now the President of the Philippines, Filipinos entrusted you our country. Now its your turn to deliver… Just always remember do what is right and we will support you all the way… Its time to prove them wrong and its time to make CHANGE in our country… FOR THE BETTER!”

On Erap’s Facebook page, meanwhile, user Ferdinand Dublar wrote: “humahabol pa rin ang ating idolo wag kyong mg alala, kung mkahabol si erap sya talaga ang mananalo, pero kung si noynoy ang panalo, wla na tayong mgagawa, lets just pray na maging mpayapa ang kanyang panunungkulan, and let us lend our hands to help him, kasi mahihirapan ang bansa natin kung hindi tayo mg uunite, kaya natin tlagang bumangon kung mgsasama sama tayo :).”

And on Twitter, overwhelmed by the flood of interested Filipinos talking, joking and discussing their elections, an American tweeter posted a question that Filipinos would be eager but perhaps unable to definitively answer: “Wtf is #halalan?” –

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