Pst…Pinoy ka din?

[Editor’s Note: We would like to welcome RAGING Bubuli, a bubuli breeder on the loose in search of vexing Pinoys. Let’s join him as he rants his way through the pages of thePinoy every week. First up, on meeting Pinoys.]

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re in a public place–say, a grocecy store–and you’re just minding your own business, trying to put the onions you just hand-picked in that transluscent plastic bag while pondering if you already completed your checklist for the ingredients of your “Jollibee spaghetti”…and then suddenly you hear a voice:

“Hello. Kumusta? Pinoy [ka ‘di ba]?”

What do you do, then? Well, of course, this nice man/lady was just being nice and greeted you “hello,” you should be compelled to answer back and be nice in return, right?

This happened to me on more than one occasion. You know what I always do?

“Oh, um…hi. Yes, I’m a Filipino.”

..and then I roll my eyes to go back to whatever I’m doing at the time: whether I’m sitting on a bench at the mall playing my Game Boy while my wife buys every item on sale at Old Navy, or I’m at the parents’ waiting room pretending to compose e-mail on my Treo while my daughter attends her ballet lessons…and, yes, even when I’m doing my weekly grocery shopping. I discourage any casual conversation that might spawn from that kumustahan with a total stranger.

Why? That persons is still a stranger, plain and simple. Why should I be forced to have a casual conversation with a person I just met…just because he’s or she’s Pinoy? We should be cautious when talking to strangers, and just because a stranger is Pinoy doesn’t mean there isn’t a slight chance of malicious intention. Look, I’m not saying all Filpinos who do this sort of thing are bad people and will do something like kidnap your dog and eat it or abduct your mother-in-law (oh, wait…that could be a good thing, no?); in fact, more often than not, these people are trying to be nice to their fellow Pinoys (unlike yours truly). That being said, one should exercise the same amount of caution as if he or she was a “regular” stranger, so to speak.

Of course, there are exceptions. Say, you meet him/her again at a gathering with a common friend, for instance. In that case, you can let your guard down a little…or a lot…especially if she looks like Claudine Barreto. ;-)

And besides, suplado ako by nature. Meeting new friends at a grocery store is not my sort of thing. Walang personalan.

– Bubuli

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  1. Proud Pinoy says:

    You are not a proud Pinoy! Pinoy’s are proud and become even prouder when meeting new PINOYS. Sorry to tell you but you are now a typical American. You’ve you lost your Pino-nest. I bet you don’t even use Kuya and Ate anymore… you probably don’t have your kids call your friends Auntie or Uncle. Like you said, walang personalahan.

  2. The Donger says:

    That is funny, when I visited Myrtle Beach, SC for a Friend’s wedding, I got the same question at the Hertz counter at the airport.

    The ironic thing is that he asked if I was Julie’s son. (My parents lived there until they retired back to the Philippines). Small world.

    Anyways, we got a free upgrade. Sometimes it helps to talk to a fellow “brother”

  3. nicepinoy says:

    I hope you will not be put in situation where you would need help badly and only a pinoy is around to help or else kawawa ka kasi suplado ka. I remember at chicago airport 3 guys mukhang pinoy whom I tried to smile at but were like you, suplado. when we arrived at our destination,I saw them sitting looking like lost kids.when I asked them,how they were, they said , their contact did not come and its their first time to the place,it was 1:30 a.m already, they have the phone number but had no cellphone to call.They were seamen who will take the boat from there to other countries.Of course what are “kababayans”for…, I called their contact to pick them up.That was when they started smiling at me ,even wanted to hug me. There are more advantage in being friendly than suplado in this “land of the free”.I hope you are the only one of your kind…

  4. bob boy says:

    very good they will always come to take it away from you. a bitter lesson we never learn. bob boy

  5. Chief says:

    well who can blame you Bubuli for being such an ignorant A-hole i assumed you had a very bad childhood wherein you didnt experienced the beauty of friendship ( Because you seems unfriendly) never know when a fellow pinoy will come in handy i salute you nicepinoy for doing such a good deeds, who knows one of us might be in that same situation ..and back to you are perhaps related with Mr. Bell a grand daugther maybe?? ( Sound to me you are a gay) the one who authored the hate letter against pinoy..anyway it also sounded you are quite stable ,darn you can even send your lovely daughter to a ballet school..arent you taking the lesson your self? oh sorry for my mistake i supposed you like home economics much better..but i strongly suggest you take up Virtue will learn a lot in this course..

  6. jojo says:

    ok lang kung nasa lugar ka na konti pinoy, pero sa mga lugar na maraming pinoy katulad ng san francisco, kadalasan nakakainis na rin. HOY PINOY KA?! AKO DIN PINOY!!!



  7. tralala says:

    To Jojo, bakit nakakainis kun babatiin ka? e, ano kun marami pinoy?You might not know that just your smile may make her bad day good. There is always a positive impact in being nice, but not necessarily gullible.
    Same to you,bubuli, no matter how bad can a pinoy can be, if you are in a situation when you need someone for anything, may lukso ng dugo pa rin sa pinoy which wala sa ibang lahi.

  8. filipinamissus says:

    I have the same experience. There’s this Pinay she’s working at M&S as cashier here in England.Sabi niya Kumusta? So ako naman Oh Pinoy ka pala!Then she started asking questions like; What do u do? So i told her. she asked me again, Where you live? sinagot ko uli.So my turn to ask, ikaw, saan ka nakatira? She said: “NEAR BY”. Then she asked me again, Gaano kana katagal dito sa England? sinagot ko uli. My turn to ask again. I said IKAW? She said “LONGER than THAT” She asked again saan ka sa Pinas? Sabi ko MANILA.She said: SAAN sa Manila? So sinagot ko uli. Then after that I didn’t ask her back.Baka kung ano pang-isagot.

    hayyy juice ko..

    Then she has this guts mag-offer mag open daw ako ng M&S cards (credit card) achuchuchu..

    Gusto ko sanang sabihin DON’T PUSH YOUR LUCK MATE lol!

    Im not that gullible naman:P So i rejected her.

    May pagka-BUBULIness ako but the thing is I smile back naman.

  9. bob boy says:

    baka mabugbug ka pa d na ano, animal? he he he heee. kulang pa sa training ang karamihan haaaa ha ha ha animal.

  10. proudpinay says:

    Naku, nakakagigil na andito pa rin pala itong post na to ng Bubuli na yan. Pwede ba??? Ibasura na tong post na to ng supladong, hambog na bubulingit na yan, ha!!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    yabang mo!! sana di k n lang naging pinoy?? anong akala mo ganun ka kataas..? utak alimango..! hmf!

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