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Zsazsa Zaturnnah Zeh Moveeh

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C’mon now, it’s not everyday a photo lands in our inbox filled with Pinays in colored wigs and superhero costumes. This just begs to be shared. Zaturnnah is the red head with pink brassieres. Mang Pidol must be very proud.

Nuclear warheads

Send your own cartoon. (from i-Report) “With the threat of nuclear terrorism on the horizon, it seemed only fitting to do a cartoon like this,” says San Diego cartoonist Lucas Turnbloom. Larger image.

A Walk Back In Time: A Celebration of Life Within the Walls

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The hidden part in us. The seed of our stories. Intramuros. The buried treasure in our hearts.

Philippines: Statement on the charge of rebellion

by Francisco Nemenzo – It is our patriotic duty to defend the area of freedom that people’s power had carved out in the struggle against the Marcos dictatorship. The best way to defend freedom is to exercise it. Responsible citizens cannot watch in silence as the minions of Mrs. Read more »

Matter of Taste

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The following is from a British journalist stationed in the Philippines. His observations are so hilarious! This was written in 1999. I have now been in this country for over six years, and consider myself in most respects well assimilated. However, there is one key step on the road Read more »

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