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Does Holy Week still matter to Filipinos?

By Nicole Soriano/nnphilippines.com – Manila (CNN Philippines Life) — On the surface, the Christian faith appears ingrained in the lives of many Filipinos, with over 80 percent of the Philippine population identifying as Catholic. Every Sunday, families gather together and pack their local parishes; priests preach with conviction to a Read more »

These vintage Italian posters prove Pinoy films were being screened in Europe as early as the ‘60s

By Jerome Gomez/abs-cbn.com – Three weeks ago, Archivo 1984 gallery at the La Fuerza compound in Makati screened the documentary Happy Days Are Here Again. It’s a Cirio Santiago production that weaves together many musical numbers from our big studio films from the 50s to the 70s, each segment introduced Read more »

What is Filipino architecture supposed to look like?

By Keena Vazquez/cnnphilippines.com – Where are you from?” For the last seven years I’ve spent living overseas, I’ve grown used to this question. I am one of those people whose eyes are of a nondescript shape and color and whose nose hints of diluted Western descent, but whose unbleached hair Read more »

The women who helped shape Philippine feminism

By Nads Esteva/cnnphilippines.com – Women’s Month is greeted with the approval of Rice Tariffication Bill, the reclamation projects in Manila Bay and the administration’s refusal to recognize the demands of contractual and underpaid laborers such as the protesting NutriAsia workers and Sumifru plantation workers in Liwasang Bonifacio. All these pressing Read more »

This play tells the urgent story of a Filipino comfort woman

Image for This play tells the urgent story of a Filipino comfort woman

By Chang Casal/cnnphilippines.com – Some traumas are so severe that, though the mind tries to forget, the feeling always remains. Memories become hazy and details are forgotten, but sometimes out of nowhere, like a dam breaking, they come flooding in. For Maria Rosa Luna Henson, a radio announcement in 1992 Read more »

How long is a Filipino Goodbye

By Mookie Katigbak-Lacuesta/abs-cbn.com – My longest casual relationship has been with the Filipino goodbye. In my home, it can last days—weeks even. A goodbye that began one summer day in the middle aughts lasted 48 hours, 50 subway stops, and two cities in New York. It was my sister’s wedding, Read more »