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Traveler attempted to smuggle 1,500 live turtles into the Philippines

By David Oliver/USA TODAY – A passenger traveling from Hong Kong tried to smuggle more than 1,500 exotic live turtles into the Philippines on Sunday. “The confiscated turtles (Star Tortoise, Redfoot Tortoise, Sulcata Tortoise, Red-eared Slider live species) were found inside the left-behind luggage of a certain arriving Filipino passenger Read more »

9 of 10 Filipinos want smoking in public places prohibited — Pulse Asia

By Daphne Galvez/inquirer.net – Nine out of 10 adult Filipinos nationwide agree that smoking in public places should be prohibited, a recent commissioned Pulse Asia survey revealed. A Pulse Asia “Ulat ng Bayan” survey, commissioned by the Philippine Legislators’ Committee on Population and Development (PLCPD), showed that 91 percent of Read more »

‘We have your back’: US vows for first time to defend Philippines if country is attacked by Beijing over disputed South China Sea

By William Cole FOR MAILONLINE – The Philippines will be defended against ‘armed attack’ in the disputed South China Sea, according to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The senior diploma issued Washington’s starkest warning yet against China’s claimed ownership of the strategic waterway. Speaking in Manila on Friday after Read more »

Duterte’s wild proposal: Changing the name of the Philippines

By Patrick Winn/pri.org – The Philippines was named after a pasty guy from Spain who never actually set foot in the Philippines. King Philip II, ruler of the Spanish Empire for much of the 1500s, also regarded the archipelago’s inhabitants as inferior. He’d prefer to die 100 times, he said, Read more »

FALSE: Filipino ‘royal family’ ruled over pre-colonial ‘Maharlika kingdom’

via rappler.com Claim: A post on Facebook dated September 24, 2018 states that former president Ferdinand Marcos was paid in gold by the “Tallano royal family of the Philippines” for being their lawyer. The so-called royal family, whose last name is Tallano, is said to have ruled over Read more »

Valentine’s Day: Southeast Asians are spending more

By Jason Thomas/theaseanpost.com – Southeast Asians are spending more on Valentine’s Day, with new research confirming that the most romantic day of the year is becoming increasingly commercialised. The 2019 Mastercard Love Index released yesterday reveals that Asia Pacific leads the world when it comes to growth in sentimental spending Read more »