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The Philippines Chewing On Ways To Cash In On West’s Healthy Food Obsession

By Carolyn Ramoran-Malasig/forbes.com – These days, there’s a healthier alternative to practically anything on a grocery shelf. Whole milk can be substituted with almond or other types of nut milk and there are now a whole menu of alternatives to white flour. People want something essentially better for their well-being Read more »

Anthony Bourdain Says This Filipino Dish Will Be the Next Big Food Trend in America

By Lyndsey Matthews/esquire.com – Anthony Bourdain thinks that Filipino cuisine—particularly one dish—is going to be the next big thing in America. “Americans and American palates are just now starting to become seriously interested,” he said about Filipino cuisine in an interview this week with CNN Philippines’ The Source. “I think Read more »

How Filipino Food Is Becoming the Next Great American Cuisine

By Claudia McNeill/vogue.com – Asked to name your favorite dish from Japanese, Italian, Mexican, or Indian cuisine, and a flood of options may come to mind. Should you choose ramen or sushi? Pizza or pasta? Tacos or enchiladas? Butter chicken or saag paneer? Yet when asked to recall a treasured Read more »

The lowly calamansi and its place in Filipino cuisine

By Anna Bueno/cnnphilippines.com -The calamansi (citrofortunella microcarpa) is ubiquitous in Filipino culinary tradition as it is almost invisible at the table. While a regular at every imaginable Filipino dish that requires a sauce or a dip, once calamansi is squeezed to flavor a sawsawan of toyo and vinegar, the fruit Read more »

It’s time to stop taking Filipino food for granted

By Andre C. Orandain/CNNPhilippines.com – I grew up with the idea that Filipino food always came second. It was by no means my parents’ fault, nor was it anyone else’s. It was because when we went out to dine, we did not go to a Filipino restaurant — as Read more »

Pinoy Noir: Is Filipino Food in Danger Before It Even Gets Big?

By Peter Lawrence Kane/sfweekly.com – Since the 1980s, Filipinos have been the largest single ethnicity of Asian-Americans in California, more numerous than Chinese-Americans and Japanese-Americans combined. Yet Filipino cuisine, its pancits and sisigs and adobos rich with regional variations, remains more or less confined to the margins in San Francisco, Read more »