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Undocumented Pinoy family reacts to anti-birthright proposal

By Henni Espinosa, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau A Filipina nurse, who asked not to be identified, dreamt of a better life when she moved to the United States in 2001. But she and her husband, an engineer, could not get a working visa and ended up overstaying.

Pinoys in Arizona divided over new state law

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By Raul Legaspi and Ging Reyes – Filipinos in Arizona are divided over the state’s new law that many are calling anti-immigrant. Under the new law, police may question anyone who looks like an undocumented immigrant, and arrest even authorized immigrants who do not carry their immigrant ID.

Who is coming to America?

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(Click image for larger view) American immigration may have taken a back seat during the financial crisis, but the issue still needs resolving. While illegal immigrants sneaking over the border is still a primary concern, it’s good to know who came to America legally, and from where.

The hazards in Internet matchmaking

By Maria Aleta O. Nieva – Internet matchmaking industries have opened up doors for people wanting to find that perfect match, but they also place women in danger of being exposed to sexual and physical injustices. According to a study made by Teresa Downing-Matibag, Asian women have been portrayed in Read more »


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By Joseph Pimentel – After working as a traveling nurse for the past five years, Alino, a registered nurse at John Hopkins Hospital in Maryland, said there were Filipino nurses in every hospital she was assigned in. From the Houston medical center in Texas, the University of Arizona in Arizona, Read more »

Working abroad still most Pinoys’ choice to cope with difficult times

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Several economic crises have swept over the country and Filipinos time and again fought and emerged survivors. But unlike two decades ago when they took to the streets in desperation because of the twin impact of soaring inflation and shrinking growth, Filipinos, who are now faced with a similar situation, Read more »