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Philippines feels the pinch of dollar’s decline

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Many here rely on remittances from overseas relatives, and the dollar’s slide against the peso has forced some people to cut back, with private education the first to go. By Bruce Wallace, Los Angeles Times MANILA — The U.S. dollar has always been king down by the docks on Manila Read more »

Pinoy nurses in Finland for the long haul

Recruits would like to bring their families as well By Merituuli Ahola – In October last year, Philippine nurse and mother of four, Helen Donesa, 45, was watching television when she saw an interview with a Finnish man who said that he had come to the Philippines to recruit Read more »

Union backs Filipino nurses facing charges

BY MICHAEL AMON | michael.amon@newsday.com The largest health-care workers’ local in the nation has thrown its support behind 10 Filipino nurses whose resignation over working conditions at a Smithtown nursing home sparked criminal charges of endangering patients.

Nursing to the Ends of the Earth

By Erwin Cabucos MANILA, Philippines – Theresa Lisondra’s hands were trembling when she hung up the phone in a small company clinic in Zamboanga City. It was the call she had been waiting for. The words of the caller from the 20-bed hospital in an outback town in Australia kept Read more »

Aussie cops confirm death of Pinay in Victoria

Police in Victoria, Australia said that DNA tests conducted have confirmed that the body found stuffed in a garbage bag in the suburb of Springvale before Christmas last year, ABS-CBN Australia News Bureau reported Wednesday.

21,000+ new Pinoy nurses sought US jobs in 2007

If you have been wondering about the fast turnover of nurses in Philippine hospitals and clinics, this will give you one reason why. More than 21,000 new Filipino nurses sought employment in the United States last year, the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) reported Friday.