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Why do maids have to wear uniforms?

By Joey Ramirez/rappler.com – Walking to work recently, I saw a matrona who seems to have made Doña Victorina from Noli Me Tangere her model and aspiration. Despite having Filipina features, I wager she must have ingested at least 10 bottles of Glutathione pills (the alabaster tone of her skin Read more »

Holy day or holiday?

By Elfren S. Cruz/The Philippine Star – In the Christian year, the two most important days are Christmas and Easter. Advent is the period of celebration before Christmas. Lent is the time of sacrifice and penitence before Easter. Christmas has a fixed date because it relates to the Read more »

Pride fuels standoff with Hongkong

By Ellen Tordesillas/ph.news.yahoo.com – The current standoff with Hongkong is an example of the danger of ignorance, power, and pride combined. As American minister Robert Fulghum said in his book ,All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, “Ignorance and power and pride are a deadly Read more »

Christmas, Pinoy style

By Elfren S. Cruz/The Philippine Star – Philippine Christmas has been described in many unique ways. It is the longest Christmas celebration in the world. The merriment involved is nearly unequalled, and resembles a long fiesta. It is also a revered season full of religious rituals. But if there Read more »

Undas in Filipino culture

By Elfren S. Cruz/The Philippine Star – For Catholics, the proper day to visit their deceased loved ones in the cemeteries is actually on November 2, which is All Souls’ Day. This is the appropriate day for mourning the dead. There should be no parties or merrymaking on this Read more »

10 reasons why it floods in Manila

By Paulo Alcazaren (The Philippine Star) Manila has been flooding for hundreds of years yet we never learn from the past. Floods do not respect political boundaries and will flow from one city to the next yet we continue to address flooding (as well as all other urban problems) Read more »