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A Teacher’s Voice

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It is not unusual to meet a person who at an early age sets his sights on a clear vision or dream for his future. However, rare is the person who actually manages to pursue and realize this dream. Even rarer is the person who likewise then seeks to Read more »

Wanted: Stripper

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When I was starting out in this country 10 years ago, I didn’t have my own car. I was recommended to go to this mechanic to rent a car for a while until I am able to purchase one. I was conned by this mechanic to Read more »

Studying Under Nobel Winner Edmund Phelps

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[Editor’s Note: We would like to welcome Stephanie Tanyu Coyiuto, more commonly know as Stenie, a 23-year-old aspiring business woman, a writer, a photographer, and a traveler. She’ll be sharing her writings and her adventures as a grad student living in New York city.] By Stenie – “Congratulations, Professor Phelps!” Read more »

That Token Asian Guy

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[Editor’s Note: We would like to welcome The Donger, read on and you’ll know what it means. He will fill us in on the life of a Fil-Am in search of his roots. This week, on being the only Pinoy in the South.] During my high school years Read more »

Pst…Pinoy ka din?

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[Editor’s Note: We would like to welcome RAGING Bubuli, a bubuli breeder on the loose in search of vexing Pinoys. Let’s join him as he rants his way through the pages of thePinoy every week. First up, on meeting Pinoys.] Have you ever been in a situation where you’re Read more »