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Wowowee Boom Tarat Tarat

When I first moved to San Francisco, I tried my best to learn more about my Philippine culture. Even though I was born in the Philippines, we left when I was a baby since my dad was in the air force.

PAGASA Weather Forecast: Typhoon Threat for the Next 24 to 48 Hours

[Note from the author: I apologize for the tardiness of this week’s edition of Raging Bubuli. While I always make it to a point to upset people before they take their morning coffee, there were some unavoidable things that needed to be taken care of this morning Read more »

17 Ways to Ruin the Eraserheads Legacy

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[Note from the author: This is not the regular weekly toxic braindump that got accidentally published ahead of time. This was originally drafted as my second post to my weekly column but I felt that it’s either too boring or…I just felt that it’s already way out Read more »

What Pinay girls want

In my first article, I discussed the trials and tribulations of growing up in the south. I was going to write about my journey through Florida and Washington DC, but that would have been boring. We’ll, I could have made it interesting, but I’ll try to keep my Read more »

Kunin ka na sana ni Lord…

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I’m not a religious person…but I believe that there is a God.  I believe that there is an after-life.  I believe that it is my responsibility to follow the “Golden Rule.” With those in mind, I believe everything falls into place.  I think it’s a simple Read more »


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I’m going to go off my track of my personal discovery and journey to my self awareness of being Filipino-American and talk about what has been on my mind lately. It’s all in our last names It is about church. Like many Filipinos, I was baptized in the Read more »