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Why the iPhone will succeed

Face it. Pinoy or not, we are all gadget freaks when it comes to phones and I wanted to put in my Peso worth. A lot of bloggers will talk about how the iPhone isn’t a “smartphone” or how it may “fail” because it is too expensive. The talk Read more »

Kasal: Things you wish your family and friends knew

Last year seemed like everyone was getting married. But before I had my own wedding, I had no idea what was involved! In fact, I would always buy the cheapest gift (because I was corriput like that). My perspective has changed and I give what I feel comfortable with. Read more »

Reforming the Philippines

Let’s see if I can get this out in 10 minutes or less. I’ve been taking a class in Herndon, VA for the past three weeks and I haven’t had much time to blog. This morning, I was thinking about the current status of the Philippines. As far Read more »

Pinoy Power

I just watched Borat and was totally amazed at the ignorance of the United States of America. But this isn’t the topic of my post. I started thinking about Philippine history (and what little I know if it). In general, do we have a Racial chip on our shoulder? Read more »

A convenient excuse

A friend of ours called my wife one evening to complain about her visitor’s two-year-old daughter ruining her designer couch by pretending it’s a whiteboard and scribbling all over it. The father of the two-year-old–after seeing the whole thing–simply said:

Cracking the Code Nobody Should Care About

Around spring of this year was the screening of one of the most controversial films ever produced based on the novel of the same title: The Da Vinci Code. And in no less than three occasions, I received an e-mail quoting a certain Ted Baehr about a petition Read more »