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UP at 100

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By Filomeno Sta. Ana III – The day after the University of the Philippines or UP kicked off its celebration of its 100th year, we organized a get-together for a balikbayan pair – my cousin Lynnn and her husband Greg. The guest list was made up of mostly UP alumni, Read more »


By Katrina Legarda – The Supreme Court has been in the news a lot lately. We have a pro-active Chief Justice, who wants to make a mark in our society. It is rare for justices to comment on matters outside of a court decision. I think it reflects dynamism rather Read more »

John Gokongwei speech

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Speech delivered by John Gokongwei at the Ad Congress on November 21, 2007. Before I begin, I want to say please bear with me, an 81-year-old man who just flew in from San Francisco 36 hours ago and is still suffering from jet lag. However, I hope I will be Read more »

Prospects for the Philippines

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By Senator Manuel Roxas II – I ask you: What word comes to mind when thinking about the Philippines? As a hint, I’d like to tell you about a story that my counterpart Trade Minister from Russia told me about his country. He expressed it to me in the Russian Read more »

Lost chances for federalism

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By Miriam Coronel Ferre – This is the tragedy of Charter change initiatives in the Philippines. Those in power aim to use constitutional reform so they can stay on longer. The public believes that is precisely the intent. And everyone gets stuck in this short-term political dynamics. The objective merits Read more »

Commentary: Every Filipino must do his part to make the wishes for the country come true

Tacloban City (January 2) — Every Filipino share the same wish for the country to continue to tread the path to economic prosperity so that every Filipino family will be able to taste a better and peaceful life.