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Monopoly Of Travel Promotion Demeans DOT

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By Jose Mari Mercader Corruption comes in varied forms. Influence peddling is corruption visible to the public. Dipping the dirty hands of a crooked official in the national coffers is corruption per se. Diverting public funds from one department to another assaults the legitimacy of the appropriation, particularly if Read more »

Lack of income starves most Filipinos

By Al Jeratso – The advice by the government for Filipinos to cut back on their consumption is not only a stupid suggestion, but also downright impractical and inhuman. Even if the government will not give this suggestion, the Filipino consumers wouldn’t have enough to eat at this time because Read more »

Off the Rails in the Philippines

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by Walter Lohman – A major American ally is in trouble. A massive scandal involving a Chinese telecommunications company has driven politics in the Philippines off the rails. As the Philippines seeks to address the scandal, the United States should help it avert what has the potential to become a Read more »

Church Etiquette

My second article here was one of this site’s most controversial content. Most readers are lead to believe that I am the Third Anti-Christ. While that distinguished title may be bestowed upon yours truly, it’s far from realistic to do so. You may find this hard to believe: Read more »

The moral dimension of People Power

By Corazon Aquino – The most noble—and least disruptive—way out of the moral crisis would be for the President to resign from office. Twenty-two years ago, we began the arduous task of reviving the democratic institutions that the Marcos dictatorship had destroyed.

Will GMA survive new challenge?

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By Isagani de Castro – President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, tagged as “Survivor of the Year” in 2006 by a media watchdog group, faces a tougher challenge in the coming months as the National Broadband Network (NBN) scandal continues to jolt her administration. But more defections could lead to her fall, Read more »