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Learning How to be Pinoy

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By Gilda Cordero-Fernando – ONE of the realizations I had when advised that this Gawad Tanglaw ng Lahi award had to do with preserving Filipino identity was that being Filipino wasn’t natural with me. I had to learn how to be Pinoy.

Nieces, nephews, grandchildren

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By KATRINA LEGARDA – I hope the answer I give to the letter below will not cause problems among mothers, sons, daughters-in-law, and grandparents. It is time, however, for all of us to understand that grandparents have finished raising their children to the best of their ability: enough is enough. Read more »

Patriotic Money

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Inquirer editorial Romulo Neri may be sustained by a different self-image, but to many Filipinos he is damaged goods. He has lost the moral standing, and thus the credibility, to discharge the functions of high office. Appointing him to head the Social Security System (SSS), therefore, can only be seen Read more »

‘Imagine a world without Filipinos’

By PAT STO. TOMAS Kahit siya’y isang Canadian citizen ngayon, sa puso at diwa siya ay tunay na Pilipino pa rin at hindi kailanman ikinahihiya ang ating bansa ano man ang sabihin pa ng iba. Nakakatuwang malaman na marami sa ating mga OFWs ang talagang concerned sa imahe ng Read more »

Yes, we can wow the world

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By Jim Paredes Consider that almost nine million Filipinos are now living abroad in practically every continent, in every region under every climate known to man, and under different types of political systems. Filipinos have invested their lives, established residence, intermarried with locals, begotten children, put up businesses and built Read more »

Fearing English in the Philippines

By Isabel Pefianco Martin Sometime ago, at a teacher training session I conducted, I made the mistake of suggesting that Math and Science teachers consider code switching (using English and Tagalog) as a strategy for making lessons less difficult for their students. I did not know that the school had Read more »