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Prewar films show Japanese enjoying life in the Philippines

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By Yasuji Nagai/asahi.com – Prewar films have been found showing Japanese living, working, playing sports and wearing Western clothes in the Philippines in the years before the Southeast Asian islands were turned into bloody battlefields. Fifty 16-mm films, running 220 minutes in total, were discovered in the former residence of Read more »

Filipinos were first–to America

By Emil Guillermo/inquirer.net – By rights, it really should be called the United States of the Philippines. I mean first is first, right? And so who’s on first, as the joke goes, but we all know it was Filipinos. History says so. This year was special as I am scheduled Read more »

Meal of the day: ‘Pagpag’

By Fritzie Rodriguez/rappler.com – In a country where over 8 million are food-poor, food scavenging has sadly become a norm for many families. Others call it trash, but for them, it’s their “meal of the day.” Sautéed with a bit of oil, garlic, and a choice between patis or Read more »

Paul McCartney campaigns for Philippines elephant

By Gilbert P. Felongco/gulfnews.com – Sir Paul McCartney is the latest international celebrity to add his voice to the clamour to transfer 36-year-old Asian pachyderm “Mali” from the Manila Zoo to an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. The eminent artist sent a letter to President Benigno Aquino III on Friday Read more »

Why I left America for the Philippines

By Ryan Macero/rappler.com – The heat smacked me in the face as soon as I walked out of the airport. It was something I hadn’t felt in over 5 years. After many sleepless nights, tears, and weeks of trying to calm my nerves, I was finally in Manila. In Read more »

Legacy of Bataan

By Cecilia I. Gaerlan/Rappler.com – Two years ago, while doing public readings of my World War II novel “In Her Mother’s Image,” I discovered that not too many people in this country have heard of the Fall of Bataan. My father, Luis Gaerlan, served in the the 41st Infantry Regiment Read more »