POLL: What folk remedies do you still use?

By CNN Philippines Life Staff – Here and around the world, there’s a growing trend of alternative medicines and self-care methods, like wearing crystals to ward off or draw in certain energies; using essential oils to address anxiety, stress, and even help one focus; or turning to spiritual healers who Read more »

OPINION: Historical documents belong to the nation, not in private collections

The context is clear: it’s a state of affairs where historical facts are questioned, this time and place where unless an original document is surfaced, what we all know to be truth is deemed untrustworthy or invalid, or both. We are exasperated and exhausted. In the face of false news Read more »

Merrymaking sans the tears: Government seeks ‘compromise’ with New Year’s Eve fire-works-use tradition to lessen injuries

By Rene Acosta/businessmirror.com.ph – The Philippine National Police (PNP) has vowed strict fireworks regulation and control during the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day revelry, with PNP chief Director General Oscar Albayalde’s order to all police commanders to strictly enforce Executive Order (EO) 28, which prohibits the use of Read more »

Eight great spots in the Philippines to see 2019’s first sunrise

By Gideon Lasco/abs-cbn.com – Sunrise is associated with renewal, optimism, and new beginnings. Here are a few choice spots to watch the first light of the New Year. The burden of our everyday lives sometimes makes us forget that we are part of a vast universe, and that celestial bodies Read more »

Image for Filipino novel “America Is in the Heart” joins prestigious Penguin Classics roster

Filipino novel “America Is in the Heart” joins prestigious Penguin Classics roster

By Glenn Diaz/CNNPhilippines – Being “recovered” is not new to Carlos Bulosan and his oeuvre. Virtually ignored in his home country during his lifetime, the Binalonan, Pangasinan native gained renewed attention in the 1970s following the republication of his magnum opus “America Is in the Heart” in 1973 by the Read more »

What went right in the Philippines in 2018

By Portia Ladrido/CNNPhilippines – Our media diet is frequently filled with bad news — a tragedy, a natural disaster, or a series of disconcerting quotes from people in power. The nature of how news stories are covered and shared often center around the traditional “where it bleeds, it leads” type Read more »