Image for Rumsfeld replaced after Republican election defeat

Rumsfeld replaced after Republican election defeat

(One more thing we have in common with the US, we both don’t have Defense Secretaries at the moment. No wait, Bush just announced a replacement. We haven’t heard a replacement yet though for our former RP defense secretary.) US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is standing down, after anger Read more »

What Pinay girls want

In my first article, I discussed the trials and tribulations of growing up in the south. I was going to write about my journey through Florida and Washington DC, but that would have been boring. We’ll, I could have made it interesting, but I’ll try to keep my Read more »

Moros ‘unhappy’ about being Filipinos

RIYADH — A member of the Philippine government’s negotiating panel it its peace talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has acknowledged that Moros, or Filipino Muslims, are unhappy about being called “Filipinos,” a report by the MILF’s website yesterday said.

Image for Britney Spears files for divorce

Britney Spears files for divorce

(This piece of news does not have anything to do with Pinoys but our Editors insisted we post it because well, she is hot copy and Pinoys ARE interested, or are you? We’ll surely examine the page views on this one.) Pop star Britney Spears has filed for Read more »

Image for Dress like Imelda

Dress like Imelda

The news that Imelda Marcos is designing clothing accessories is just the latest twist in the trend for celebrity fashion ranges. Who do you think you are? Imelda Marcos? That tired old joke has been thrown at compulsive shoe-buyers the world over. But now confirmation at last comes that the Read more »

Image for Pinay wins Emmy for CNN story

Pinay wins Emmy for CNN story

(via FilipinoExpress) NEW YORK CITY — A Filipino American woman won an Emmy Award for a television feature she coproduced for CNN. Chris Gajilan, 29, senior medical producer of CNN, was one of three producers of Charity Hospital, which was named Outstanding Feature Story in a Regularly Scheduled Newscast at Read more »