Image for Dress like Imelda

Dress like Imelda

The news that Imelda Marcos is designing clothing accessories is just the latest twist in the trend for celebrity fashion ranges. Who do you think you are? Imelda Marcos? That tired old joke has been thrown at compulsive shoe-buyers the world over. But now confirmation at last comes that the Read more »

Image for Pinay wins Emmy for CNN story

Pinay wins Emmy for CNN story

(via FilipinoExpress) NEW YORK CITY — A Filipino American woman won an Emmy Award for a television feature she coproduced for CNN. Chris Gajilan, 29, senior medical producer of CNN, was one of three producers of Charity Hospital, which was named Outstanding Feature Story in a Regularly Scheduled Newscast at Read more »

Old times and traditions renewed at Pinoy fest

Batang Wapato, a Yakima Valley Filipino-American community youth dance group, performs a traditional folk dance Sunday in Wapato. It’s called the kumintang, the hat and flower dance. Trinidad Umipig recalls when she arrived in the Yakima Valley from the sunny Philippines more than 60 years ago, she only did so Read more »

Pinoy Silicon Valley soon to rise in Quezon City

The famous Silicon Valley in California will soon be replicated in Quezon City. The University of the Philippines has partnered with Ayala Land Inc. for the development of the site, which is expected to further reinforce the status of the university as the country’s premier educational institution.

Medical tourism a shot in the arm for the Philippines

(AFP) – The Philippines earned an estimated 200 million dollars this year from foreign patients seeking affordable medical services, the health department said. A quarter million people flew into the country this year for cosmetic surgery, eye treatment or get their dentures fixed, said Health Undersecretary Jade del Mundo. Read more »

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Merger set to create Philippines’ largest bank

Banco de Oro, controlled by Philippine shopping mall tycoon Henry Sy, said Monday it is to merge with rival Equitable PCI Bank to create potentially the country’s largest lender in terms of assets.