Image for New test questions for US citizenship unveiled

New test questions for US citizenship unveiled

(AP) WASHINGTON – The government on Thursday unveiled 144 revised civic questions it will try out on immigrants who want to become Americans, as part of an effort to design a more meaningful citizenship test.

Pinoy Power

I just watched Borat and was totally amazed at the ignorance of the United States of America. But this isn’t the topic of my post. I started thinking about Philippine history (and what little I know if it). In general, do we have a Racial chip on our shoulder? Read more »

Intramuros: A Walk With Carlos Celdran

The San Agustin church in Intramuros has stood for decades as a historical landmark and an important piece to Manila’s legacy. And one man is making sure we don’t forget. His name is Carlos Celdran, a self-employed performing artist that takes his audience on a walking tour through the Read more »

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Philippines on alert for Typhoon Durian

MANILA, Philippines (Reuters) — The Philippines raised its highest alert level and warned residents to move to higher ground on Wednesday as Typhoon Durian barrelled towards the north of the country, gaining strength on a path towards Manila.

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The ‘lost’ Filipino descendants

ALFREDO P HERNANDEZ has traced some of the third to fifth generation Papuan descendants of Filipino Catholic lay missionaries who came to PNG in 1800s. Steven Ramos, then a 31-year-old employee at the Electricity Commission (now PNG Power) in 1975, was manning the company’s customer counter when a Filipino expatriate Read more »

Chemical Fumes Sicken 31 in Philippines

Chemical Fumes Sicken Dozens, Force Thousands to Evacuate in Philippines By Teresa Cerojano – MANILA, Philippines Nov 28, 2006 (AP)— Noxious fumes from chemical waste dumped into a Philippine creek forced thousands to flee their homes and sickened dozens Tuesday, officials said.