Free Hugs

Aw come on man, don’t make us cry. (sniff). You’ve heard them before, ‘life is too short’. ‘be positive’, ‘trust in the goodness of people’ etc. Come on Bush, just give Kim Jong Il one of them free hugs. You know you want to…c’mon – hug the person nearest Read more »

Google’s 3Q Profit Nearly Doubles

Note: This piece of news is of interest to Pinoys especially bloggers who dream of green pastures through the company’s AdSense program. Google should be around for a while and so will those AdSense cheques. (AP) SAN FRANCISCO October 19, 2006, 5:49 p.m. ET · Google Inc.’s third-quarter profit Read more »

Image for Maskara Festival 2006

Maskara Festival 2006

Bacolod’s most popular fiesta, is celebrated on the third weekend of October closest to October 19, the city’s charter day anniversary.

Image for Radyo Manila

Radyo Manila

Enjoying a leisurely afternoon wandering through the pages of Project Manila. We chanced upon this snippet of code that delivers relatively good quality stream. Check it out. Pretty cool.We imagine Apo fans wetting their pants. See what we’re talking about after the jump.

Image for Extinct Dwarf Buffalo Discovered

Extinct Dwarf Buffalo Discovered

(via National Geographic) An extinct species of pygmy water buffalo that once lived in the Philippines has been discovered—thanks to people’s need to do household chores.

Perception of beauty

All this talk about fashion models and extreme dieting. How did our idea of beauty become so distorted? Please press play.