Philippines struggles with 4th big storm

By OLIVER TEVES, (AP) PADANG, Philippines – Doomed by geography and hobbled by poverty, the Philippines has long struggled to minimize damage from the onslaught of typhoons it faces each year. But the high death tolls and destruction persist, with the latest storm killing more than 300 people and Read more »

Grim search for bodies in Philippines

DARAGA, Philippines (Reuters) — Distraught survivors searched piles of bodies for the faces of their loved ones in the central Philippines on Saturday after landslides triggered by Typhoon Durian left hundreds dead.

‘388 dead’ as storm hits Philippines

MANILA, Philippines (CNN) — Red Cross officials in Manila reported at least 388 people were killed when Typhoon Durian slammed into the Philippines Friday, triggering volcanic mudslides and flooding.

Image for New test questions for US citizenship unveiled

New test questions for US citizenship unveiled

(AP) WASHINGTON – The government on Thursday unveiled 144 revised civic questions it will try out on immigrants who want to become Americans, as part of an effort to design a more meaningful citizenship test.

Pinoy Power

I just watched Borat and was totally amazed at the ignorance of the United States of America. But this isn’t the topic of my post. I started thinking about Philippine history (and what little I know if it). In general, do we have a Racial chip on our shoulder? Read more »

Intramuros: A Walk With Carlos Celdran

The San Agustin church in Intramuros has stood for decades as a historical landmark and an important piece to Manila’s legacy. And one man is making sure we don’t forget. His name is Carlos Celdran, a self-employed performing artist that takes his audience on a walking tour through the Read more »