Philippines: Statement on the charge of rebellion

by Francisco Nemenzo – It is our patriotic duty to defend the area of freedom that people’s power had carved out in the struggle against the Marcos dictatorship. The best way to defend freedom is to exercise it. Responsible citizens cannot watch in silence as the minions of Mrs. Read more »

Philippine Idol – 7th Elimination

(The best show ever according to our source of all Philippine Idol – JoveFrancisco) Best.Results.Show.Ever! That’s how Rich (Ilustre) summed up the show last night, and the show wasn’t even in its climactic vote off announcement stage yet when he texted that comment. I agree. But it wasn’t great Read more »

Image for New monument honors Pinoy American vets

New monument honors Pinoy American vets

Believed to be the U.S.’ first such structure, it tells the story of the immigrant group and the former warriors’ struggle for benefits. Six decades after their service during World War II, Filipino American veterans were honored in Los Angeles on Veterans Day with the dedication of a granite Read more »

Image for APO album in iTunes

APO album in iTunes

Aha, look what popped up in iTunes suddenly – the tribute album Kami nAPO muna! When we heard about this album some months ago, iTunes was the first place we went looking for it. Sadly it was nowhere to be found except for some dark alleys in the nether Read more »

Image for Lifetime achievement award for Tiya Dely

Lifetime achievement award for Tiya Dely

(via Inquirer) I THINK THEY ARE GIVING awards to the most senior people in the industry. In that case, I am the oldest. I’m among those who’ve logged in the most number of years in public service.” Veteran broadcaster Fidela “Tiya Dely” Magpayo told Inquirer Entertainment on Saturday that, although Read more »

Ronnie Alcano World Pool Champion

New World Pool Champion Philippines’ Ronato Alcano kisses his trophy after winning against Germany’s Ralf Souquet during the World Pool Championship finals in Manila, Philippines, on Sunday, Nov. 12, 2006. Alcano beat Souquet 17-10. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)