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Sinulog Festival 2007

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Wanted: 5,800 couples for new Lovapalooza record

More than 5,700 couples are needed on February 10 to overturn Hungary’s Lovapalooza supremacy. In 2004 the Philippines broke the Guinness World Record for the most couples kissing in one event, by gathering 5,239 couples at the Rajah Solaiman fronting Manila’s famed Baywalk.

Philippines offers nurse transfusion

By JIM LANDERS / MANILA, Philippines – At 47, electrical engineer Victorio Mangalindan is back in school, studying for a new career as a nurse. His classmates include three lawyers and 10 accountants.

Canada deports Pinoy couple in pyramiding scheme

Canadian authorities finally caught up with a Filipino couple who were allegedly engaged in pyramiding scheme, a form of swindling, TV Patrol World reported Monday. The report named the suspects as the husband and wife team of Kaye and Janice del Rosario. The couple fled to Toronto, Canada in March Read more »

15,000 Pinoy nurses sought US jobs in 2006

More than 15,000 new Filipino nurses sought employment in the United States last year, former senator and labor leader Ernesto Herrera disclosed over the weekend. Herrera said a total of 15,171 Filipinos took the US National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) for nurses for the first time (excluding repeaters) from January Read more »

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Japan eyes same wages for RP, Japanese nurses

The Japanese government is proposing a uniform wage scheme for Filipino and Japanese nurses and caregivers, Japan news agency Kyodo reported Wednesday. Kyodo said that Labor Ministry officials are set to finish the guideline before accepting some 400 nurses and 600 caregivers from the Philippines under the Japan-Philippine Economic Partnership Read more »