Say goodbye to your tabo

When I was a young boy, I remember my mom would ask me to fill up the tabo with warm water and pass it to her through the crack in the door. I always hated doing this because I was probably watching the Smurfs or something more entertaining. Read more »

RP to appeal US nurse ban

The Philippine government is to appeal a move by the US to ban some 17,000 nurses who passed the 2006 nursing examination amid allegations of mass cheating. The United States Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) issued the temporary ban this week insisting that Filipino nurses retake Read more »

Fresh murder in Philippines amid UN rights probe

Relatives of people allegedly killed for political reasons stage a protest as UN human rights investigator Philip Alston visits the National Headquarters of the Philippine Police, 13 February 2007. A leftist student leader was murdered in the central Philippines, police said, amid plans to set up special tribunals to Read more »

Image for Metro Manila folk against Pacquiao candidacy

Metro Manila folk against Pacquiao candidacy

If some Metro Manila residents would have their way, they would not want People’s Champion Manny Pacquiao to run for congressman in the May election, TV Patrol World reported. Majority of the 30 people who took time to answer the informal poll Tuesday said Pacquiao would be better off fighting Read more »

How to divide a country

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U.S. visa applicants can’t bring in cellphones, MP3s

UNITED States visa applicants will no longer be allowed to bring in cellphones and other electronic devices into the U.S. Embassy consular section. This, according to a U.S. Embassy press statement, is for the safety of all applicants and employees.