Image for Philippines most corrupt, survey says

Philippines most corrupt, survey says

Graphic showing the corruption scores of 13 Asian countries. The Philippines is perceived by foreign businessmen as Asia’s most corrupt economy, according to a survey Tuesday. Singapore and Hong Kong were seen as the cleanest economies, while China, Indonesia and Vietnam posted improvements, the Hong Kong-based Political and Economic Read more »

Image for ‘Favorita’ and ‘Figaro’: Another scandal hits FG

‘Favorita’ and ‘Figaro’: Another scandal hits FG

The Philippine Star – Is First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo facing a petition for disbarment before the Supreme Court and the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) for alleged immorality? The complaint is circulating in e-mails and posted on a blogspot ( It was reportedly filed by Maria Celia Read more »

Image for Good times are back for rich in Manila

Good times are back for rich in Manila

On Saturday nights, Manila’s urban elite throng the invitation – only VVIP room at Embassy nightclub, where foie gras and a flute of champagne are the de rigeur accompaniments to checking out the dance floor. Imelda, the shopaholic wife of strongman President Ferdinand Marcos, made conspicuous consumption fashionable in Read more »

Image for Fire guts Comelec

Fire guts Comelec

By EDU PUNAY and SHEILA CRISOSTOMO (The Philippine Star) – Sabotage may be behind the fire that destroyed the Commission on Elections (Comelec) building in Intramuros, Manila, which was mysteriously deserted by its own battle-ready Marine security detail shortly before the fire started early Sunday.

Will I Leave the Philippines? A Follow Up Open Letter to All Filipinos

Dear Fellow Filipinos, Magandang araw sa inyong lahat! More than three weeks ago, I wrote an Open Letter entitled, What would make me leave the Philippines. This open letter has elicited much attention from Filipinos here and abroad and up until today, I still receive an average of 80-100 Read more »

Forever Imelda

By Marshall Heyman – Imelda Marcos is more than a legend in her own time, she’s an adjective. “Imeldific,” according to Wikipedia, denotes “excessive vanity,” while Word Spy defines it as “ostentatiously extravagant to the point of vulgarity.” On a recent morning in Imelda’s spacious, faux Louis XVI-style Read more »