Manila bows to U.S. over custody of convicted rapist

MANILA (Reuters) – The Philippines has bowed to pressure from Washington over custody of a U.S. Marine convicted of raping a Filipina, transferring him to the American embassy in Manila. Police and the U.S. embassy spokesman said Lance Corporal Daniel Smith was taken from a local jail late on Friday. Read more »

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Too soon

(Editor’s note: To many of you following the story of Pyro, the kid who had the strongest will of heart we’ve ever seen – this update will certainly put a tear in your eye.) “His spirit was willing, but his flesh was already weakened so much, his spirit has Read more »

Bringing explosive fun is serious business in the Philippines

A vendor stacks a huge firecracker fountain, locally known as “luces or tungkod,” for sale in Bocaue, Philippines. Sales have been high in the run-up to New Year’s Eve, when millions of Filipinos will risk their limbs exploding fireworks to greet the coming year in a tradition that maims Read more »


Filipinos sit outside a church attending a Christmas Eve service while looking at a fireworks display in Manila. The country is the bastion of Roman Catholicism in Asia with over 80 percent of the population considered Catholics.(AFP/Joel Nito)

Pope issues Christmas call to protect children

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Pope Benedict ushered in Christmas at midnight mass on Monday, saying the image of the baby Jesus in a manger should remind everyone of the plight of poor, abused and neglected children the world over.

Estrada celebrates Christmas with mom

FORMER president Joseph Estrada arrived Monday at the home of his mother in the municipality of San Juan to celebrate Christmas with her and the rest of the family, according to a report on GMA Network’s “Flash Report.”