China bullying Philippines over Tubbataha poaching incident

Environmental groups and beleaguered rangers of the Tubbataha National Marine Park on Friday challenged President Arroyo to stand firm in the case of a 30-man Chinese crew caught with hundreds of the “Mameng” (Napoleon Wrasse), a protected fish species.

Manila bows to U.S. over custody of convicted rapist

MANILA (Reuters) – The Philippines has bowed to pressure from Washington over custody of a U.S. Marine convicted of raping a Filipina, transferring him to the American embassy in Manila. Police and the U.S. embassy spokesman said Lance Corporal Daniel Smith was taken from a local jail late on Friday. Read more »

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Too soon

(Editor’s note: To many of you following the story of Pyro, the kid who had the strongest will of heart we’ve ever seen – this update will certainly put a tear in your eye.) “His spirit was willing, but his flesh was already weakened so much, his spirit has Read more »

Bringing explosive fun is serious business in the Philippines

A vendor stacks a huge firecracker fountain, locally known as “luces or tungkod,” for sale in Bocaue, Philippines. Sales have been high in the run-up to New Year’s Eve, when millions of Filipinos will risk their limbs exploding fireworks to greet the coming year in a tradition that maims Read more »


Filipinos sit outside a church attending a Christmas Eve service while looking at a fireworks display in Manila. The country is the bastion of Roman Catholicism in Asia with over 80 percent of the population considered Catholics.(AFP/Joel Nito)

Pope issues Christmas call to protect children

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Pope Benedict ushered in Christmas at midnight mass on Monday, saying the image of the baby Jesus in a manger should remind everyone of the plight of poor, abused and neglected children the world over.