The little girl who wanted a pair of shoes

Suicide highlights poverty in the Philippines

By Kathy Marks
All she wanted was a bicycle, a pair of new shoes and to be able to finish her schooling. But her family was dirt poor, and eventually the 12-year-old Filipina girl grew so demoralised that she hanged herself.

Mariannet Amper left a letter under her pillow describing her failed hopes and aspirations. Her family also found a diary in which she described the privations of a life with no money in Davao City, on southern Mindanao island.

They are among millions of people living in poverty in the Philippines, a country where the gap between haves and have-nots is wide. Mariannet’s father, a construction worker, told the Philippine Daily Inquirer that he had been out of work for several months. Her mother works part-time in a noodle factory, earning less than a dollar a day, and takes in laundry.

The night before she killed herself with a nylon rope in their modest hut, which has no electricity or running water, Mariannet had asked her father, Isabelo, for 100 pesos (about £1) for a school project. But he had no money. The next day, he managed to get a 1,000-pesos cash advance for some building work on a chapel. But when he got home to tell her, his daughter was already dead.

“I suspect she did it because of our situation,” he told the newspaper.

The letter found under her pillow was addressed to a television programme, I Just Wish, which grants viewers’ wishes. In it, Mariannet wrote: “I wish for new shoes, a bag and jobs for my mother and my father. My dad does not have a job and my mum just gets laundry jobs.” She added: “I would like to finish my schooling and I would very much like to buy a new bike.”

In her diary, Mariannet wrote that she had not attended school for a month. Her parents said she had actually been absent for three days. But they had not had money for her food or transport. In one entry, the girl wrote: “We were not able to hear Mass because we did not have fare and my father had a fever. So my mum and I just washed clothes (for money).”

In the Philippines, nearly 14 per cent of the 87 million population lives on less than a dollar a day, despite government claims that the economy is booming.

President Gloria Arroyo told a business forum yesterday that her economic reforms were bearing fruit. “The common people are now feeling the benefits of a growing economy,” she said, announcing that an extra one billion pesos would be given to “hunger mitigation programmes”.

In a recent survey, the Social Weather Stations institute found that about nine million Filipino families regarded themselves as poor. Most live in the south of the country. Many of them said they had experienced “severe hunger” in the past three months.

The Global Call for Action Against Poverty, a coalition of anti- poverty groups, said its own research showed that economic growth was not trickling down to the people who needed it.

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  1. Richelle says:

    The Catholic Church just added insult to ‘death’! This is simply unbelievable and sickening…

    Mariannet burial Saturday; Church in dilemma
    By Jeffrey M. Tupas, Germelina Lacorte

    Last updated 01:21am (Mla time) 11/10/2007
    DAVAO CITY–The death of 12-year-old Mariannet Amper has not only shaken the government, it appears to have placed the Catholic Church in a dilemma.

    Mariannet, who committed suicide because of her family’s poverty, will be buried Saturday but she may not get funeral rites, despite her being a devout Catholic at a very young age.

    Fr. Zenon Ampong, head of the St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Barangay Ma-a here, was uncertain about the request of the family of Mariannet for her to be brought to the church for funeral rites, citing the policy of the Catholic Church on suicide.

    Historically, a person who committed suicide would often be denied funeral rites and even burial in a church cemetery.

    However, Fr. Elias Ayuban Jr. JCD (doctor of Canon Law), rector of Claret Theology House, said the new Code of the Canon Law, promulgated in 1983, does not explicitly deny a Catholic funeral to people who committed suicide.

    In the case of Mariannet, ‘I do not see any reason or justification for prohibiting the observation of Catholic funeral rites,” Ayuban said in a phone interview Friday.

    While suicide is and always will be objectively and gravely wrong, the Catholic Church now considers the psychological disturbances that may influence a suicide–circumstances that mitigate personal culpability, Ayuban said, citing Catechism No. 2282.

    Up to the Archbishop
    Ampong, St. Francis parish priest, said he found it difficult to act on the request of Mariannet’s family. He said only Archbishop Fernando Capalla, who is in Manila for a week now, can actually decide on the matter.

    ‘Mananghid sa ta kay Archbishop Capalla. Ug misahan man gud nato, basig makaingon ang mga tawo nga OK lang diay ang mag-suicide…pero pangitaan nato na ug paagi [We still have to ask (Davao) Archbishop Capalla. If we say Mass for her, some people might think that it’s OK to commit suicide…we will try to look for a way],” Ampong told the family.

    Ampong said there was another option: The final blessing of the dead could be done in a chapel but not in a church.

    Unlike a funeral Mass, blessing of the dead does not require the exposure of the Holy Eucharist or the giving of Holy Communion.

    The Philippine Daily Inquirer Friday tried but failed to reach Capalla, who had turned off his cell phone, but was able to reach Lingayen Archbishop Oscar Cruz, another canon law expert. Cruz said that in recent years, Church law has changed.

    “After years of study, the Church realized that people who commit suicide are not themselves, therefore, they are not deliberately committing a mortal sin against God.”

    No rites for manifest sinners
    For his part, Ayuban said the following cannot be granted ecclesiastical funerals, according to Canon Law;

    Abortionists or murderers who never showed even the simplest signs of repentance.

    Notorious apostates, heretics and schismatics (those who rejected Christian faith).

    Those who chose cremation for reasons contrary to Christian faith (like the refusal to believe in resurrection).

    Other manifest sinners who, if granted ecclesiastical funerals, would cause public scandal among the faithful.

    Ayuban stressed that a simple sign of repentance, like holding a religious symbol, before dying would allow a person to have a Catholic burial.

    “This is because the Church puts the highest importance on the salvation of a person,” he said.

    Canon 1184
    The Catholic web site also said that the Canon Law no longer lists suicide as a reason for the Church to deny someone of funeral rites.

    Fr. Edward McNamara, professor of liturgy at the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University, who answered a query about suicide on the website said Canon 1184 only prohibits funeral rites for a “notorious apostate, heretic or schismatic; those who requested cremation for motives contrary to the Christian faith; and manifest sinners to whom a church funeral cannot be granted without causing public scandal to the faithful.”

    ‘These restrictions apply only if there has been no sign of repentance before death,” McNamara said adding that ‘the local bishop weighs any doubtful cases and in practice, a prudent priest should always consult with the bishop before denying a funeral Mass.”

    McNamara explained that an unrepentant sinner is someone who committed suicide following another act of grave crime like murder.

    A good girl
    Marisol, Mariannet’s eldest sister, said that if the Catholic Church denies her sister the final funeral rites, they would rather not have her remains blessed in the chapel.

    “My sister did not commit any grave act of murder except that she decided to end her own life. We are praying that the Catholic Church will reconsider, after all, she was a good child and she did not commit anything bad against others,” Marisol said.

    But even Mariannet’s Bible teacher expressed doubts over the possibility that the Church would give the 12-year-old girl funeral rites. Based on past experience, she said, those who committed suicide were always refused funeral rites.

    “I would be happy if the Catholic Church would give in to the [family’s] request but the Church has its own policy. I cannot do anything except to follow it,” said Aurora Lariosa, the community head who saw how Mariannet actively participated in every Church activity in the village.

    Marisol said her family remains hopeful that the Church will be more lenient with her sister’s case.

    ‘Maybe they will understand. She’s just a girl who snapped because of our condition in life…she was not a bad person,” she said.

    Job offers, wishes come true
    Meanwhile, more and more people have expressed their willingness to help the family of Mariannet. A number have offered the girl’s father, Isabelo, employment.

    Isabelo said he was grateful and welcomed the work opportunities.

    A woman and her American husband have offered Isabelo a job as caretaker for a store in Manila. Another businessman has offered him work as a utility man.

    In her diary, Mariannet wrote about her dream for her father and mother to have jobs. She also wished for a pair of new shoes and a bicycle, which were granted by the GMA 7’s ‘Wish Ko Lang” TV program, along with 11 goats.

    The program also gave the Ampers a ‘sari-sari store” showcase.

    The family also received one-and-a-half sacks of rice from city councilors, P5,000 cash from the Department of Social Welfare and Development, which shouldered the funeral expenses.

    UN visit
    Officials of the UN Millennium Campaign said Friday the suicide of a poor 12-year-old girl in Davao City was a reminder to the group to double its efforts in rooting out poverty in the country.

    ‘It sends a cruel reminder that we need to redouble our efforts, move twice as fast,” said Salil Shetty, UN Millennium Campaign director, during a program honoring its local partners.

    The Millennium Campaign plans to work with the UN in the Philippines to build on the gains made by the campaign through a longer term advocacy toward alleviating poverty and meeting the Millennium Development Goals.

    Despite this incident, Nileema Noble, UN Resident Coordinator and United Nations Development Program Resident Representative, said the country was on track on meeting its goal of reducing poverty by half by 2015.

    With reports from Beverly T. Natividad, TJ Burgonio in Manila and Cyril L. Bonabente, Inquirer Research

  2. Rollycb- california says:

    In the first place, you should never call a priest FATHER because he is not the husband of your mother nor NOT A FATHER OF your SOUL. The Father in heaven should be addressed Father (father of soul)

    It’s good you realize the wrong teachings in the Roman Catholic Church.

  3. Datu Puti says:

    Rolly, what denomination do you belong to?

    They’re all just as bad.

    In the words of Christopher Hitchens, “God is not Great!”

  4. benjie estuche says:

    The Church did the same thing to a man that sparked the Dagohoy rebellion against Spain years ago.

    The church’s concern is not really on man’s soul and it’s redemption but on the wealth that man could accumulate for himself. The Bacolod priests’ visit to Pres. J. Estrada is proof to this. It did not matter that the ex. president was earlier convicted of plunder (robbing the people’s wealth) which may have pushed Mariannet’s family deeper into the dregs of poverty.

    Thieves occupied both sides of Jesus during his crucifixion. The church loves them better than those who committed suicide even if they did it out of poverty.

    The Catholic church is the greatest thief in our history through a systematic land-grabbing in the name of God when the cross was planted on our soil in the 16th century and the priests declared the archipelago as a piece of real estate owned by the King of Spain. The native Filipinos became Christians but they lost their ancestral lands which they have never recovered in spite of the many rebellions waged and fought.

    The church should correct this mistake and the bishops should stop meddling in politics.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am sad at what happened to this girl.I am sad not because she is so poor but because at her age, she already find material things like a pair of shoes much more important than her life and is worth dying. I am more sad at the people who magnified this situation so much and used this for whatever purpose or reason they want to accomplish out of this. Its not bad to pity or want improvement in oue lives. We all deserve a better life. But the story of this girl is not the most deplorable case in the Phil. There are a lot more poor kids than her who live without parents, no mother or father but she has. Some are homeless,she has.
    I grew up in a much more deplorable situation than her. We had to walk 4 km. to and from school since elementary to high school everyday. walk the same distance to church every Sunday because we lived in a remote farm area. We had to work hard in the field when it was not school days. We did not know about money then. We went to school without even a centavo in our pocket.I had my first shoes when I graduated in elementary because it was required to wear one. But me and my siblings persevered and used our poverty as a stepping stone to strive more. As taught in school, “poverty is not a hindrance to success”. The four of us siblings all finished college, some post graduate courses, even if we had to do it working as housemaids just so we can continue our studies.
    The media should magnify stories of success from poverty rather than those “losers” who count material things more important than life or honor and dignity to some people. Its so sad.

  6. Rollycb- california says:

    to anonymous, here is my life story too:
    I used to walk 6km everyday to reach school from grade 1 upto 4th year in high school. I was lucky if my sister (teacher) would take me with her by karitela. Our snack then was boiled sweet potato (kamote) or corn. Our lunch then was fried tinapa, tuyo or sometimes buro (hehehe). After school, my mother would ask me to get saluyot, kangkong and kuhol for our dinner.

    Through hard work i was able to finish Civil Engineering. My allowance then was P1.25/day budgeted as follows P1.00 for transportation and P0.25 for hope cigarette (3 sticks of hope for P0.25 back then).

    To parents, have quality time with your children. Teach them how to work and study hard.

    Now we are in America,still working…not waiting for fruit to fall down our mouth…

  7. Searching for truth- ROLLY says:

    to all Roman Catholic Priest – kindly answer !!

    Show a verse from the Bible or Koran that the priest is God’s representative thus should be called FATHER???

  8. Datu Puti says:

    Rolly, what is your religion or denomination?

  9. Rollycb - california says:

    malou, what perfume are you using now? avoid using kerosine, price is going up OK? where are you working now?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Its good you can have karitela once in awhile. We could not because our way to the “civilization” was just a trail ( now there is road,thank God). We had “bagoong” only to go with vegetables because that was what my parents could afford then.”Tuyo” were only for our baon with rice. We can not eat “tuyo” any other time except with baon wrapped in banana leaves. We were not supported by our parents in college. We worked our way by ourselves as working students,some of us got scholarships in college.
    My question with that girl is” How did she knew about “Wish ko lang ” program if they have no TV or electricity? Well, maybe from neighbor’s TV but if she had that desire to reach the TV program, why would she kill herself? Could it be her source of hope somehow,instead of giving up her dream or wish? Her story or personality is not a good material to be used in media being so young. She had not tried or worked so hard yet.Its more heart breaking if the father or mother who committed suicide out desperation having tried so hard to survive,tried to pursue a dream for the family but could not get opportunities. After all, they are the ones who are taking the saddle, the responsibilities. Its their heart who are broken over unmet wants of the children.That’s why poor parents should encourage their children not to give up hope,work hard for their dreams be it in school or at home, not magnify their lack of material things and hopelessness before their children. Its important that parents project a positive outlook to their children no matter what their existing condition, for who knows,that hope can drive one to achieve something better in the future.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Where are you in CA? Am also in northern CA.

  12. Richelle says:

    Girl in alleged suicide act might have been raped–doctor
    By Nef Lucson

    Mindanao Bureau

    Last updated 07:26pm (Mla time) 11/15/2007

    DAVAO CITY — Mariannet Amper, the 12-year-old girl, who allegedly committed suicide because of poverty might have been raped, a medico legal of the Scene of Crime Operation (SOCO) in Southern Mindanao said after an autopsy was performed on the girl Thursday.

    “May punit ang [There’s a tear on the] hymen” was how Dr. Tomas Dimalandang described the results.

    But Dimalandang added that the lacerations had healed, indicating that the injuries on her genitals were not recent.

    “The penetration could also be succeeding or just single,” Dimalandang said during a press conference here Thursday.

    The autopsy on the girl’s body was performed after the family agreed in a bid to settle speculations on her death.

  13. Rollycb - california says:

    Anonymous, I am here at Chatsworth, California (Southern California). I am a native of Sta. Barbara Pangasinan. During my schooldays there was no electricity in our remote barrio (Tebag West), therefore no TV only radio.
    I agree with you with regards to the young girl who took her life. For me 90% to blame is her parents, no quality time with their children. Maybe her parents when at home are always exchanging souring words.

  14. reb_el z. says:

    true parents are the first to blame, but aren’t there reserve notions that maybe there’s a systematic degeneration of the way of living, a constant catchup for the standard of living caused by a landfall souring of politicos and a government who’s main goal is to build more mines and snatch indigenous lands while at the same time low-keying the still ongoing war in basilan….

    i mean seriously, how many filipinos ever think about mindanao? it seems like the only discussion about our southern brothers is when there’s a terrible thing happening…and i would pay more attention to the people that have been displaced by the violence in sulu and basilan.

  15. Datu Puti says:

    The people from the north don’t give a d**n about the people from the south because they are Muslims. The same way goes for the Muslims in regards to the Christians. Most everyone is imprisoned by theology in the Philippines. Willing to kill in the name of God or Allah, though they are one in the same. You have one life to live, there are no guarantees that there is a heaven. Make this life count.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I am from Mindanao but now here in CA. Aside from Jolo and Basilan, other part of the island is fairly peaceful.Politically, its just like other places where politikos are always politicking. But its a fertile and resource-rich place but the place is not given so much opportunity thats why there are lots of less privileged. Our only way out is to be educated and find somewhere for better opprotunities.And ,please, there are a lot more christians in Mindanao than Muslims, population wise.
    Yes, Datu Puti, there is heaven, for sure and there is hell, too. If that is hard for you to accept, ganito na lang, if there is heaven and hell and you believe that there are, walang mawawala sa iyo, you lose nothing. If there are none and you believe that there is heaven and hell, you still lose nothing. But , as in, but if there is heaven and hell and you did not believe and live your life like there is no such things, then you lost all your life here, now and for eternity.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Datu Puti, When I talk about heaven, I mean about God. There is God as there is heaven.

  18. reb_el z says:

    whoa…at first there was no religiosity, but then it got holier than thou up in this…

    personally, i’m an athiest, which does not mean i lose all my life here on earth…rather its the other way around, i cherish it so much that i think about others instead of improving my own hypocrisy as told on by hypocratic ministers and popes and religious nutcase and old women…believe or you die…how bout i change that to live, and live for others…

    in regards to more christians as to muslim population, you’ll find the same Machiavellian strategy proposed in the early 20th century when the government opened up mindanao to visayan and people from luzon to claim lands traditionally belonging to muslims and take it for themselves. that’s why its no wonder the NATIVE population of mindanao either lives in the mountains or the outskirt islands of the coast (ahem just like the native population of luzon)…

    basically, my main argument was that whenever people take news from mindanao, its always about something really bad, like this suicide, or its a war, or its about abu sayaaf…however, barely anyone covers what anonymous covers: fertile and resource-rich land…which unfortunately is being desecrated and mined by forces from australia and japan.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Well, to live like you can do it yourself without a GOD is more “hypocratic”. I fell sorry for people like that. Just don’t commit suicide when life gets hard and you are feel all alone and lonely.

  20. Datu Puti says:

    ((That wasn’t an attack on you, Ka Reb))

    What do we have to lose when we believe in God?


    The Crusades, Inquisition, Conquest of the Americas, Slavery of Africans, The Philippine-American War, The Jewish Holocaust, The Palestinian Apartheid, The war in Iraq, Al Qaeda, Abu Sayyaf, Bush, Woodrow Wilson, Ferdinand Marcos, Imperial Japan, etc. etc.

    All these conflicts, organizations, “leaders” used religion and God as a justification for killing. “Don’t kill fetuses but do kill Muslims.” Most of the wars fought are religiously motivated, or more accurately, most of the time, the leaders use God to rally support.

    It’s happened in the Philippines with Woodrow Wilson claiming it is the Americans duty to christianize the savages, showcasing them at the 1904 St. Louis World Fair.

    It was the Spanish excuse for the colonization and subjugation of the natives of the Americas and the Philippines. It is the excuse that Bush is using in Iraq.

    ((I didn’t

  21. Datu Puti says:

    Who are you, Anonymous? Sino sa atin ang mapagkunwari? Siyang ‘di sangayon sa pagkitil ng mga nasasapunan ngunit sangayon sa pagpatay ng kapwa nila sa digmaan? Siyang nagtuturong huwag magnakaw o magdamot gayon mang sila’y nagaari ng lupa’t ‘di nais panatiliin ang kanilang mga kapatid? Ang siyang ‘di nais ang mabuhay ng mahirap, na inaapi, kahit na siya’y nangaalipin ng kaniyang kapwa, ang kinikilalang mga tsuper, katulong, at yaya? Walang gaanong pagkakaiba ang simbahan ng kastila sa simbahan ng mga pari ngayon. Kapwa silang nangaalila ng tao, sa salapi at pagiisip. Kung tiyak kang tama’t totoo ang iyong mga paniniwala, ba’t di ka makipagtalo sa akin gamit ang mga katuwirang may batayan. Huwag mo ako bibigyan ng mga katuwirang gaya ng iyong huli, iyong “walang mawawala.” Kung ito ang iyong paniniwala, na walang nawawala sa paniniwala ng isang bathalang galing sa isang kathang isip, ‘di mo tunay na naiintindihan ang mga nangyayari ngayon at noong nakalipas sa ating daigdig at sa ating bayan.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Ha,ha,ha, kawawa ka naman..kailangan mo pa pigain ang utak mo about crusades, history, etc gayong isa lang naman ang dahilan dyan…dahil ang Diyos na kinikilala nila ay sa isip lang at di isinasa-buhay… Kung silang may kinikilalang Diyos ay masama na, gaano pa kaya ang wala?

  23. Datu Puti says:

    Si Jose Rizal ay walang kinilalang diyos, Si Socrates ay walang kinilalang diyos, Si Epicurius ay walang kinilalang diyos, walang kinikilalang diyos si Chomsky, walang kinikilalang diyos si Einstein, walang kinikilalang diyos si Thomas Paine at Benjamin Franklin. Ukol sa paniniwala mo, walang kinikilalang diyos si Ghandi, Osho, at ang Dalai Lama.

    Tanong ko sa iyo, ano ang iyong patunay na mayroon ngang diyos? Kung talagang may diyos, bakit ang daming naghihirap, bata man o matanda? Kung alam niya ang mangyayari at tunay siyang mabait at mapagmahal, bakit hinahayaan niya? Sa Biblia mismo, inuutusan niya ang mga naniniwala sa kaniyang kumitil. Inuutusan niyang isakripisyo ang mga anak. Pinapaniwala na ang mga babae ay madudumi.

  24. Munti says:

    Amen,.Datu P.

  25. Rollycb - california says:

    Datu Puti, noong likhain ng Diyos ang Sanlibutan NASAAN KA? There was a prohecy about first and second world wars and it happened.

    Tanong mo pa bakit ang daming naghihirap? what a question!! Take note God allows the rain to pour down not only to bad people but also to good people. It is the duty of God to provide food for his creation. Look at the birds they are not laboring like us but they eat because they are God’s creation.
    Furthermore, why there are blind, deaf and so on at birth? To prove that it is not the husband and wife who creates the baby but our Father in heaven.
    As far as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord God. The God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Moses and God of Jesus Christ.

    Do not bow down on wooden manmade Gods they are fake Gods.

  26. Datu Puti says:

    This is what we have to contend with, Reb. Blinded by faith. Can’t even come up with a reasonable argument, “God deemed it so.”

    Preachers (Rolly) in the porn capital of the world.

  27. reb_el z. says:

    there was a first and second world war…and then there were hundreds more after that…just because we call it World War, doesn’t mean they were the only ones…

    that’s why i like to use “hypocrisy”…i can’t condemn anyone for practicing their religion, but i do warn them that maybe their level of consciousness and coherence are limited by their faith, and thereby biased in all sense with subconscious mental entrapment…

    however, there are those who truly are open, yet tragedy or trauma (or showing off) has caused their rebirth, and nothing can change their ways…and for me, i have to be accepting…but always wary, not for me, but for them in that they don’t harm themselves.

    that’s what i think anyways…

  28. Munti says:

    Ooh Man Rolly, did you took science during elementary grades ??,
    My child of ten years old is having reliable explanations on this facts,..ha ha ha.

  29. Rollycb - california says:

    Heto lang message ko sa mga hindi kumikilala na may Diyos: mga walang utang na loob ang tawag sa inyo. Hindi ninyo kayang dugtungan ang inyong buhay kahit 1 second.

    Munti, nagmamarunong yang anak mo at naniwala ka naman? ang sabi sa biblia KAPAG ANG UMAAKAY SA BULAG AY KAPWA BULAG PAREHAS SILANG MAHUHULOG SA HUKAY. UNDERSTAND?

  30. Rollycb - california says:

    MUNTI, para sa kaalaman mo, kelan lang ba natuklasan ng tao na ang mundo ay bilog? Nakasulat na sa Biblia noon pa. Patuloy pa rin ang pagtuklas ng science tungkol sa kung maa-ari bang tumira ang tao sa ibang planeta, kung PUWEDE eh bakit sa Earth nilalang ng Diyos ang tao? ipaliwanag nga ninyong mag-ama ang konting alam nyo sa science? hahaha

  31. Datu Puti says:

    Rolly, wow delusion. It was well known that the Earth was round during the time of the Greek city-states. Pythagoras theorized it first in the 6th century before common era. Plato thought his students the theory which Aristotle later proved through his observations of the constellations and the shadow thrown on the moon during a lunar eclipse(almost four centuries before common era).
    It was also believed to be a sphere 7 centuries before christ in India. The Pacific Islanders knew that the earth was round, centuries before the arrival of Abrahamic Religion.

    So, you’re saying that deafness and blindness is caused by God and not by Pathogens, genetics, or Developmental problems? Why do you even go to the hospital or doctor if you have so much faith in Christ? Just put your full trust in him and don’t go, please.

  32. Datu Puti says:

    “Kapag umaakay ay bulag…”

    Lakas mo, pare. Sino sa atin ang mas bulag. Wala kang sariling pagiisip, pulos ang biblia lang ang inaasahan mo. Mga dahilan mo’t katuwidan, pulos mali pa. Pakiusap lang, balik ka ng skwela, magaral ka ulit.

  33. Rollycb - california says:

    Datu, Kung ayaw mong maniwala ikaw bahala boss. Huwag mo akong sisihin kung pagmulat mo pagdating ng panahon ay nasa mainit na lugar ka – Impyerno yon sir…hahahaha…

  34. Datu Puti says:

    Salamat, Rolly.

    “Maybe this world is another planet’s hell” Aldous Huxley

  35. rollycb (california) says:

    To Anonymous, happy thanksgiving day. Enjoy your holidays.

  36. reb_el z. says:

    hehe, tanks muli, datu, and rolly…

    u guys debate in tagalog, so my tagolog reading has been on full mode…hehehe…and that’s very good!

    happy holidays anyway, to u and urs.

  37. Rollycb - california says:

    The Filipina who killed her employer in Kuwait??? LET THE LAW TAKES ITS COURSE please. If you commit crime wherever you are and whoever you are – you should pay for the crime you have comitted.

    Mr Noli De Castro do not ever recall OFWs in Kuwait as you can not provide them jobs in the Philippines with salary over $400/month.

    Look what happened to Angelo Dela Cruz because he was kidnapped in Iraq all Philippine troops were recalled. Mr. Cimato I see your only task in the Middle East – shaking hands and only smiling hahahaha.

  38. Rollycb - california says:

    The approach of VP Noli De Castro and Pres. Arroyo is not proper that’s why the appeal was not granted. First of all to simply pardon a killer is not right.
    Revise your wrong qpproach please..lower the sentence to life imprisonment is the best…Mr. Noli De Castro – go to Kuwait do something and you will be my hero…It is a simple problem sir I hope you can save the life of our kababayan. Once again save her life…to lower the sentence for now…

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  • This play tells the urgent story of a Filipino comfort woman
  • Will ‘Sahaya’ be the first Pinoy series on Netflix?
  • Z-GIRLS, Z-BOYS with Pinoy members to debut in Korea
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  • My story, and the new story of Filipino immigration
  • An appreciation of Moro food can bring Pinoy Muslims and Christians closer, says this Muslim chef
  • Showcase of PH culture, heritage
  • US and Philippines: Friends, Partners, and Allies
  • A Transgender Paradox, and Platform, in the Philippines
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  • Northern Blossom Flower Farm: Atok’s floral carpet
  • Philippines records ‘all-time high’ 7.1M tourist arrivals in 2018
  • Philippines island Boracay reopens for test run following huge cleanup
  • Philippines closes ‘cesspool’ tourist island of Boracay
  • Boracay Set to Ban Tourists for Six Months During Island ‘Rehabilitation’
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  • Filipino speed skater bags spot in 2020 Winter Youth Olympics
  • Pinoy gymnast Carlo Yulo earns historic qualification in worlds
  • Finding a way to bring the NBA to the Philippines
  • First Filipino table tennis Olympian Ian “Yanyan” Lariba dies at 23
  • Skateboarder Margielyn Didal wins 4th gold for Philippines
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    OFW News

  • Filipino maids’ dragon boat team makes splash in Hong Kong
  • DOLE suspends OFW deployment to Kuwait
  • Some OFWs turn to vlogging to beat loneliness, share life abroad
  • Overseas Filipino Bank to serve immigrants, workers
  • The ‘bagong bayani’ of the Philippines
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  • ‘Sordid Chapter’ Ends As Philippines Sends Back Canada’s Trash
  • Southeast Asia became dumping ground for plastic waste – study
  • Boracay Set to Ban Tourists for Six Months During Island ‘Rehabilitation’
  • Boracay: the good, bad and ugly sides to Philippine island for tourists
  • Luzon has greatest concentration of unique mammals
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