The ‘monkey’ on Martin & Pops’ back: He said, she said

By RICKY LO – In case you haven’t noticed, these past few weeks the tabs have been, so to speak, scratching the “monkey” issue involving ex-couple Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez, their children Robin and Ram, and Martin’s beloved Katrina Ojeda (with whom Martin has a seven-month-old son, Santino).

The bone of contention: Did Katrina, as the tabs reported, really call Robin and Ram “monkeys”?

Because she isn’t showbiz, I suppose Katrina will as usual be mum on this and any showbiz-related issue. She and Martin, together with Santino, arrived from the US a few days ago purposely to accompany Ram who spent a holiday with them in Las Vegas.

Without much ado, let’s hear it from Martin and Pops whose long-drawn real-life “teleserye” goes on and on even now that their marriage has been annulled and they are living separate lives, with Pops saying she’s happy with Jomari Yllana, her new love.

He said:

Nine years ago, I was living in a one-bedroom apartment after I broke up with Pops. The furniture and interiors were done by Katrina’s sister. One day, Robin, who was then 11, and Ram, then eight, were in my apartment, jumping up and down on my bed and broke it in half. I called Katrina, who was in New York, and made kuwento to her and we laughed about it. She, in turn, called her sister and the people who made the bed and told them the story.

Her story went like this: “Can you believe it,” Katrina was telling them, “Martin’s kids were jumping like monkeys on his bed and broke it in half.” It was just a figure of speech.

That was, I repeat, nine years ago.

Let’s talk about the present. When I was in Las Vegas having a beautiful time with Ram, who was getting along with Katrina beautifully, I got a call from Pops, saying that she’s dying to talk to me. She told me, ‘When we talk, I will talk first and you can talk after me,’ so that there would be no over-lapping. Pops said that she heard daw that Katrina called my kids “monkeys.”

She started getting emotional and I let her be. When she was done, I began talking in a very calm voice. I told her, “I am not going to defend Katrina. Anything that has to do with our children, I am on your side.” I was asking who told her but she interrupted me. I reminded her na ang usapan namin walang interruption. She said, “I have every right to interrupt.” To make a long story short, we couldn’t finish talking. She was raising her voice, I was raising my voice. So I hung up so that there would be no more raising of the voice.

To this day, we haven’t spoken.

The funny thing is that, nine years ago, Pops and I went through this thing. I asked Katrina then, “What happened here?” And she said, “Oh no, no. What I said was ‘jumping like monkeys.” I called up Pops and said, “Here’s the story pala.” Nine years ago, Pops understood the story, so I’m surprised why she doesn’t understand it now. We never brought it up again.

Has she forgotten that it happened nine years ago? How come she sounds as if it’s happening only now? This I must make clear: I will not fight with the mother of my children. I respect and I love Pops very much, and I’m very happy that she’s happy with Jomari. If they get married I’ll be happy for her. If they have 17 kids, I’ll be happy for her.

* * *

She said:

Did Martin say it happened nine years ago? That’s what he texted me. In the beginning, he said three years ago and then it became nine years ago. Martin explained to me the situation about Robin and Ram jumping on his bed and breaking it in half.

I was upset because I heard it from a lot of people. You know, I’m the type who keeps things to myself; I never blurt out my feelings. Even before, when I should have been hysterical I kept quiet. I could have made sugod but I didn’t.

I’d been texting him that I wanted to talk to him. Nagpaparinig na ako that what I wanted to tell him had something to do with the kids and that, you know, when it comes to the kids I’m over-protective.

When we talked on the phone, I was crying because I was in pain. At the end of day, even if it was said as a joke or whatever, it doesn’t matter. I was saying that she should be careful with her words because she, of all people, if it comes from her it’s very touchy because of what she represents in our lives. Do I have to repeat what she did? She broke up my family.

Yes, he’s right. We hung up on each other because nagkagulo na kami when he insisted that I tell him who told me the story. Anyway, the phone call ended horribly.

I was telling Martin, “She’s also a mom now and if she hears something like that, even as a joke, I don’t think that as a mother she’ll find it funny.”

Did she use the word “monkey?” No, Martin told me that she used the word “gorilla” because the kids broke the bed. I told Martin, “I don’t think it’s funny.” Martin said that he explained everything to Ram but I don’t think Ram or Robin would find it funny. It doesn’t matter if it happened three years ago or, worse, nine years ago because at that time we just broke up.

Did we clear the matter nine years ago? No, we didn’t. I didn’t even know that it happened. I learned about it only a few weeks ago when I was in Las Vegas (for a show with Kuh Ledesma) and I heard it from people who, I understand, were their friends. I kept quiet. Back home, I told my friends about it because I was upset and they said, “Yeah, it was Martin who told us about it and that he was hurting and he didn’t know what to do.”

I want to make it clear: I’m hurting as a mom. Terribly hurting.

* * *

Latest development

Martin and his sons, together with Martin’s nephews, were supposed to tape an episode for Kris Aquino’s Deal Or No Deal (DOND), but Martin said he had the taping scrapped because Pops stopped Robin and Ram from going, “Because she didn’t want our kids to be seen with Katrina when, in fact, Katrina would have been there not as a participant but just in the audience.”

Added Martin, “Years ago, we put the kids in a situation where they had to choose who they want to live with, their mom or me. Now, they’re being made to choose again between my plan (to guest on DOND) and their mom’s demand.”

Said Pops, “Then and now, I give the kids freedom to choose. I advised them against going to the taping because there might be some reporters on the set and they might start asking them about the (‘monkey’) issue. I didn’t want the issue to be blown out of proportion.”

Anyway, let’s hope that Martin and Pops iron out the “monkey” issue before it gets out of hand and hurts not only the “old folks” but the young ones who seem to be getting along very well — I mean, Robin and Ram and their half-brother Santino.

I will end this piece by publishing the poem Martin said he wrote on his way to a guesting on The Buzz last Sunday, entitled My 25 Years:

as i look back, at my 25 years

i remember the victories, i remember the tears

my father BERT, gave me a voice

my mother CONCHITA gave me many a choice

on how to live, and how to dream

i thank them both, for my self esteem

my champion GINA, yes she believes

she knows my heart, is always on my sleeve

she blessed me first, with my first years

i thank her today, on this 25th year

LUIGI, and his business sense

cracks some jokes, when things got tense

so many to thank, so little time

i better hurry, before i run out of rhyme

ROBIN & RAM, they inspire me so!

even though i was never there, to watch them grow

from boys to men, so good through it all

they have seen me shine, they have seen me fall

i owe my life, to my sons

now we are stronger, we’ve added one

to this rat pack, to the Nievera name

now life with SANTINO, will never be the same!

but the best of the best, of these 25 years

was spent with my loveteam, who i’ve caused many tears

we’ve shared the stage, all over this world

POPS i owe you my life, no matter what you’ve heard

so now you know my secret, for staying on tops

my secret weapon has always been, the concert queen POPS!

so now a new chapter, another milestone

it felt like forever, a lot of time spent all alone

MARTIN’S best kept secret, is no secret no more

or she owns my heart, you’ve heard her name before

for today i will not hide, but instead reveal

for her love is true, her love is for real

she gives me happiness, she gives me love too you know

today we celebrate love, with our son SANTINO!

my beloved KATRINA, you never gave up & don’t regret

from me you took so much crap, you take all my shhhhhhhhhh…… amen.

and to my golden BOY ABUNDA, CRISTY, RUFFA & yes even KRIS

she made me game na game, it’s really her smile that i miss

you take good care of us, you make such a fuss

”ABANGAN… SUSUNOD!, dito lang sa THE BUZZ!!!

my 25 years ……

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  1. Ana says:

    Me thinks Pops is overreacting. Lady cmon. I have kids too but to cry hysterically over something that happened 3 or 9 years ago and what is clearly a misinterpretation? Give me a break.

  2. Donna says:

    Baka gusto lang mang-agaw ng eksena kase nasa Pinas si Martin with his new wife and new son. Publicity nga naman.

  3. George says:

    Obvious, in love pa rin si babae sa lalake. Grow up and move on Pipay!

  4. sammy says:

    defend your sons, martin!

  5. sammy says:

    agree! i think there will always be a part of pops that “always love him” & vice versa, but i don’t feel it from that guy, he keeps on saying he loves pops but he keeps on hurting her

    be a man! be gentleman!

  6. Chal says:

    how about issues of financial support for the children? it was an issue in other forums

  7. mushy says:

    martin’s LYING! don’t even believe that this happened 9 yrs. ago. he’s making up stories to save face coz whatever people say of his former mistress will reflect on him.

    katrina really called the boys “monkeys” recently and martin did nothing to defend his kids. that’s what enraged pops, nothing to do with martin coz pops has completely moved on long time ago.

    don’t be deceived by martin’s sweet talking and crying on TV. there’s a bigger truth than what he peddles in the media!

  8. katrina says:

    Martin Nievera is an A-1 user butthe good thing about it is he admits it. Read again his badly written poem- he has to keep syaing he loves Pops not because he does but because the annexation of his name to hers puts him on top. Ano ngayon na nade-detach pangalan ni Pops? Martin’s career is on the downswim. So tragic really.

    Pops had the good sense to drop him. It would be really such a waste if she were 52, still married to Martin and wanting to be unamarried to him. Habang bata pa siya, let her be happy.

  9. Martin says:

    Pops is a hack. She’s not even a decent singer. She has Martin to thank for for her fame. Martin is the one who truly has the talent. Who the hell cares about their personal lives. The guy can sing!

  10. celina says:

    I totally agree with Katrina’s comment… nice name for Martin A1-user but totally and absolutely true… I don’t get money out of this anyway, that’s just my point of view lol

    Martin Nievera is an A-1 user butthe good thing about it is he admits it. Read again his badly written poem- he has to keep syaing he loves Pops not because he does but because the annexation of his name to hers puts him on top. Ano ngayon na nade-detach pangalan ni Pops? Martin’s career is on the downswim. So tragic really.

    Pops had the good sense to drop him. It would be really such a waste if she were 52, still married to Martin and wanting to be unamarried to him. Habang bata pa siya, let her be happy

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