Frenchman brings ancient Filipino martial arts back

By Pia Gutierrez – Frenchman Fred Evrard has come to the Philippines to bring the almost-forgotten Filipino martial art of Kali back to the Filipinos.

A master of many forms of martial arts, Evrard came to know about Kali in the States. “I fell in love with it almost immediately. I find in Kali the combination of almost all the elements of every other martial art I know,” said Evrard.

Developed during pre-colonial Philippines, Kali utilizes weapons such as (rattan) sticks, knives and swords, while teaching empty hand skills such as kicking, striking and grappling. It is considered by experts as a complete martial arts system that develop many different types of skills for combat.

It’s growth and popularity in the Philippines, however, was reportedly cut short during the exodus of Kali experts to the US during the Marcos era. Kali initially gained much popularity in the States, eventually spreading to European countries.

“As a result,” Filipino Kali expert Michael Bugnosen said, “there are more foreign experts in Kali than Filipinos. Here, most Filipinos do not even know what Kali is.”

Bugnosen said that he himself had to be trained in Singapore.

This is the reason why Evrard and Bugnosen deemed it their mission to teach Filipinos their own martial arts system that has reportedly gained much following in other countries.

Teaching a small group of Army and police black belters and enthusiasts, Evrard showed them his own technique that he has developed over the years – the Kali Majapahit.

Evrard said, however, that he is not solely interested in Kali as a sport. “I was fascinated more by the cultural aspect of Kali. I find the Filipino culture very interesting, and even as a Frenchman, I feel a strong connection towards it.”

Inspector Abdul Salam Calde said he is eager to learn this martial art. Assigned in Lanao del Sur, the policeman said he feels ashamed to see US Marines knowing more about Kali than Filipinos. He plans to teach his fellow policemen this martial art.

“Kali is more straightforward, and easier to learn compared to other martial arts,” said Chief Inspector Jim Tombok of the Cordillera police.

Bugnosen is positive about this renewed interest to learn about Kali. He said he has already lined up a number of Kali seminars in Baguio City to get more people interested in this martial art.

For now, though, it seems that foreigners are the ones more interested in learning Kali. Just last week, a Russian anti-terrorist group came to the Baguio to learn about Kali under Bugnosen’s group.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yup!, it’s true wala na nga siya sa group ni fred..
    natauhan din sila…
    better late than sorry.. hahahaha

  2. Alvin Aguillar says:

    So it is true that this mike bugnosen is no longer a guro and a member of this majapahit kali.

    Which group will be your next organization, mike bugnosen? I even heard from team lakay that you’ve been telling everyone that you are one of the original members of this wushu team.

    Ladies and gentlemen… mike bugnosen gets very happy when we all talk about him. whether its good or bad, he feels the limelight just for people to talk about him.

    And so he does not care if he does something bad or does something worst in his life. hindi na marunong mahiya yan, at sa sobrang kapal ng mukha, kahit ilan ang lokohin nyan, okey lang sa kanya. Basta ang importante ay pag usapan siya.

    Ang tawag sa taong tumatakbo sa utang at hindi marunong magbayad ng utang, at manloloko sa pera…AY ISANG MAGNANAKAW! Kapag ang tao ay kulang sa pansin, kahit magnakaw siya, basta lang mapansin, okey lang sa kanya yun.

    mike bugnosen will never do something to improve himself. Akala niya kasi tama lahat ng ginagawa niya. Ano ba trabaho niya ngayon? mangga-gancho pa rin?

  3. unknown says:

    non stop mga comments dito about mike bugnosen xa nlng ba ang center ng buhay nyo? money matters , martial arts. kung naiinis kayo harapin nyo xa wag kayo magtago behind your words cinasabi nyo magnanakaw xa why dont you tell that in front of his ng malinawan yang sinasabi mo show up! bitter man! original member of wushu team common alam mo ba sinasabi mo? then prove it kung 22o yan ! you will eat all your words against him! you talk shit about him! lightning strike man! all that shit words bablik din xeo yan together with karma! so you talk talk talk and talk!

  4. mc says:

    tama nga si unknown, hindi sila mabubuhay kung walang mike bugnosen sa utak nila noh…hehehe

    sigurado hindi titigil mga yan hanggang sa mamatay sila. hehe

    sir mike,
    idol! training po tau… :)

    @alvin aguilar: hindi nio na “po” kelangan magtago sa pangalan na yan. humarap ka nalang gaya ng sinabi nio po. anu din po trabaho nio ngaun?

    a. chismoso
    b. chismoso
    c. chismoso
    d. all of the above

    tapos lahat ng subject nio LAHAT NG ANTI araw araw:

    a. credibility of mike bugnosen
    b. utang of mike bugnosen
    c. paano patutumbahin si mike bugnosen

    kahit tumatae sila, mike bugnosen…

    wala na kaung bait sa sarili.
    mas may logic pa ang bata sa inio “po”

    lahat makasalanan…baka nga mas worse pa ginawa mo eh.

    words cant harm you anyway sir., so its useless.

    hindi din naman nila masabi sau ng harapan? hehehe

    wala silang:

    a. eggballs
    b. mukha
    c. isip
    d. all of the above

    lets keep on going sir!

    sir mike, dahil sikat kau, sau kami pupunta. niehehehe

    bat pa ako pupunta sa mga fans??haha


    kung cnu man mag koment dito, magsawa ka sa kakasabing bulag ako dahil alam kong hindi ka pa nagsasalamin. niehehe um, god bless you nalang.

    yeah i know…hehehe smile :)

    hay ang corny ko

  5. Alvin Aguilar says:

    Duel nalang para tapos..

    Or the mike 10 years from now

    who fucks his gf and still ask money from his papa.

  6. fjdfsjkldfjkl says:

    bring it on! no gears pa. time date place please??!! inggit ka kasi no body wants to fuck you,,,, and i bet your jobless,,,,,hahahaha

    kung maghamon ka gawin mo pre! sisi

  7. Baguio Boy says:

    mike 10 years from now

    who fucks his gf and still ask money from his papa.


  8. Baguio Boy says:

    mike bugnosen 10 years from now, fucks his gf and still ask money from his papa.. tsk*tsk*tsk

  9. observer says:

    to our GURO MUMBAKKI DANIEL mike is already challenging you with a duel waiver signed.. more power to you guro!

  10. mamawchild says:

    to Baguio Boy: I hope you don’t live the rest of your life destroying this mike bugnosen. You are skilled and talented person in your own field, we all are. I hope that you throw all your insecurities and try to move forward. We don’t want to miss the good things life has to offer, ryt? We all have mistakes. You have mistakes, so maybe start fixing yours yes? instead of concentrating on other peoples mistakes. May you have more blessings sir. I hope this helps you. :)

  11. fjdfsjkldfjkl says:

    for observer.. if you are really an “observer” dumb ass

    its alvin aguilar that we want to show up.

    dont u know that mumbakki and mike are friends already??

    ur behind d news dumb ass

    psss stupid ass “observer” kuno haha

    u dont even know how haha

  12. fjdfsjkldfjkl says:

    oh and is ALVIN AGUILAR – mumbakki?? nah, i dont think so… i dont think ur a student of mumbakki too. because u already revealed alvin aguilar as mumbakki. hehhehhehe dumb ass..

    but no worries, because they’re already friends.
    so, your left out dumass

  13. FMAer says:

    I admire Mr. Evrard’s skills. I’ve watched his videos on youtube and they were great. My problem is the description on the video. It says there the video shows Fred teaching his style of Kali in the Philippines (or something like that). I think it would be better if he used the word “share” – Guro Fred Evrard sharing his art…

    He is becoming notorious in the FMA circle for presuming to teach us Filipinos Kali.

  14. 8limbs says:

    The guys mentioned here are unheard of. Why waste time with them?

    Besides, personally I think BJJ and Muay Thai is the way to go.

  15. Observer says:

    yeah time to try the other life mike bugnosen! soo much karma for you already anytime from now expect death

  16. fjdfsjkldfjkl says:

    oooo scary haha

  17. Dyus ko says:

    Buti na lang hindi ako sobrang in to FMA. Lumalabas ang pagkatalangka ng Pinoy dito, nakakahiya.

  18. unknown says:

    to observer DEATH is nothing we all go there :) i will pray for your enlightenment and peace of mind :) i hope ur happy in what u said :))BUT THAT KARMA WILL GO BACK TO YOU SOON 10x more it will come unexpectedly !!! mike bugnosen is happy now in his life..if you want 2 become a bitter person,full of anger,hatred, jealousy,envy GO CONTINUE YOUR LIFE LIVING WITH THAT anywayze ur the one who feel it not if mike bugnosen :)…. OBSERVER expect KARMA WITH YOU AND YOUR WHOLE FAMILY INCLUDED YOUR RELATIVES AND your whole CLAN!!!! you will have your time:) so good luck in your chosen pain :)have a blessed and wonderful new year ahead :)….

    to 8limbs u said BJJ and Muay Thai is the way to go… ok no problem just go train anywayze its your life good luck and have a blessed new year :)

    to FMAer no comment happy new year and have a blessed new year :)

    to dyus ko so true wat u said :) happy new year and godbless you:)


    “””Important announcement from Grand Tuhon Gaje and Mandala Rommel Tortal
    I have been tasked to relay the following information to all PTK members and clubs:

    Please be informed that as of December 16, 2010, Daniel “Mumbakki” Foronda Jr. is no longer connected with any Pekiti-Tirsia Kali organizations worldwide especially Pekiti-Tirsia Kali Russia.

    Signed: Mandala-Maginoo Rommel Tortal and Grand Tuhon Leopoldo T. Gaje Jr.”””


    HAVE A BLESSED AND PEACEFUL YEAR TO EVERYONE may the lord always guide you in every decisions you make…

  19. :) says:

    what has been said is already said and what has been done is already done we cannot change it nor go back to it.. so 2 all of you who hate mike bugnosen ok go its your life if you want 2 feel it and carry it in your heart in the rest of your life go feel it and carry it like what unknown said “GOOD LUCK IN YOUR CHOSEN PAIN” its you who feel that,its you who said that and its you who wanted to become like that its always you…i hope you all have a peaceful mind and great life ahead this new year.:)

    to mr daniel foronda “aka” mumbakki don’t make another mistake again think before you start fixing your life i know you have a kind heart and i know you are a better person deep inside do it right :) in every problem theres always solution so keep moving on continue life:) i hope for the best in you a wonderful life a peaceful mind… have a great year ahead :)

    to mr. mike bugnosen your a tough person i salute you and respect you for that despite of all the negative comments,issues,foul words etc. about you in this blog you remain silent you never talk nor said negative words about them instead you smiled at them and blessed them with love and peaceful mind and hearts i respect you with that now i know why people want to destroy you bcoz you are a good person… a lot of people dont know that… yah your a jackass sometimes but a jackass with a good heart and respect to other people you may do some mistake sometimes but in the end you will realize its wrong and ask for forgiveness nd apologize ..yes you talk too much but thats you we cannot change that… you respect your students so much you treat them like your brother,sister,son,daughter, friend…you are not just there teaching them martial arts but you are also there guiding them and teaching them on how to be a better person,a responsible person you lead and showed them the right way the right path in their chosen life they want… this is the MIKE BUGNOSEN i know and not the mike bugnosen THEY know.. may always the lord bless you…

    happy new year everyone

  20. fuck them groupies! says:

    MIKE BUGNOSEN IS A FAG. A SWINDLING FAG… all you fuckers can suck ur masters cocks. hmmm yummy

  21. :) says:

    2 fuck them groupies god bless you and your family…………. ur angry bcoz u have lots of envy,pride,jelous in your heart…..may the lord bless you and guide you….think before you click!……. you will not move on if you do this!! destroy this person but who will be most affected with this???is it him??? or is it you??? hmmmmm think think think!!!before you post!!! confront him if you have balls dont hide with your words!!!! you know the truth SIR/MA’AM!!! you know you have problems in your attitude with your communication he shouldn’t help you!!! what now??….. your pointing fingers! blaming him bcoz of what money???you know in your hearts he did something nice 2 you but what in return your blaming him bcoz you did not get what you want from him!!!! look at your self first!!! go on keep on posting and bad mouthing about him let the karma takes it course!!! ganyan naman kayo isinisis sa iba ang pagkakamali nyo!! humarap ka wag ka magtago confront!!! be a man with balls!!!!!!! dont hide!!!!! anywayze i hope your happy now….. god bless you and your family i hope for the best in you and your family :)

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