Pinoy community in US torn between Obama, McCain

By Jay Dooma Balnig
SAN FRANCISCO, California — Most of the Filipino-Americans (Fil-Am) in Western California are divided between Democrat Senator Barack Obama and Republican Senator John McCain for US president.

Most US-born Fil-Ams are in favor of McCain as the next President of the United States of America while Filipino immigrants prefer Obama to take the US presidency.

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Most of the Fil-Ams and Filipino immigrants in the US have already casted their vote through vote-by-mail ballot as voters in the US are required to cast their vote ahead of the scheduled November 4, 2008 US Presidency Election.

All voters in the US only have until October 28 to cast their votes via mail.

Aside from focusing attention on the much anticipated presidential race, the Filipino community in the US is also actively participating in American politics.

Joe Estevez, a Fil-Am mayor of Milpitas City, California, is among the Filipino-blooded politicians who were elected to a political post in the US.

Aside from Estivez, many other Fil-Ams are interested in joining US politics by getting elected as member of the State Board of Education and to other elective positions.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Such a poorly written piece. First of all, this is not true:

    “voters in the US are required to cast their vote ahead of the scheduled November 4, 2008 US Presidency Election”

    you don’t have to vote ahead of time and may do it on November 4th itself.

    Also, what data are you using to support your claims that Filipinos are divided, and that natural born Fil-Ams are pro-McCain, and immigrants are pro-Obama?

  2. Tom says:

    The article is not entirely incorrect. Though not required, some States like North Carolina and Florida for example are now able to vote ahead of Nov 4.

  3. TImawa says:

    I would also like to know where the data is from. From what I’ve found, the older immigrants are predominately pro-McCain because of their prejudice against “egots.” The middle aged successful Fil-Ams might be more inclined to vote McCain also but the great majority, at least of the people I’ve spoken to from Seattle to San Diego, of under 30 voters are more likely to vote Obama, either immigrant or first gen.

  4. janix says:

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