Jamby left out of will, Collantes gets mansion

via ManilaMail, MANILA – An inheritance feud threatens to erupt over the fabulous fortune left by Consuelo “Chito” Madrigal-Collantes, with no less than her niece, Senator Maria Ana Consuelo “Jamby” Madrigal questioning her being left out in the last will and testament of the late billionaire. The senator has hired a lawyer, Ernesto Francisco Jr., who last week sent a letter to the beneficiaries of the late society icon questioning the validity of the will and how the estate was partitioned, according to sources close to the family. The childless Doña Chito, 87, died on March 24, leaving her husband, Marcos-era Foreign Minister Manuel Collantes, as the lone compulsory heir.

Sen. Maria Ana Consuelo ‘Jamby’ Madrigal confirmed she was contesting the last and will testament of her late aunt, billionaire

Consuelo “Chito” Madrigal-Collantes, where she did not receive any inheritance. But Madrigal said she would like to keep the matter a “private family Affair” until “it becomes a public issue.” “I don’t know where the press releases are coming from, certainly not from me. But you will get to know the truth, it will be one of the biggest telenovelas and you will be there to know,” she told reporters.
“I will talk about it at the proper time.” She said reports, such as the P100 million supposedly advanced to her by Collantes to bankroll her senatorial campaign, were not accurate. “I will divulge the figures too. When you find out, you might fall over.

(But) the issue here is justice and principle, I am not after the money,” Madrigal said. She said her side of the issue was never taken up because the stories that were coming out from other sources were apparently “hatchet jobs” designed to besmirch her reputation.

The estate proceedings involving Collantes’ properties have been going on at the Makati City Regional Trial Court Branch 148 for the past two years, according to Madrigal’s lawyer, Ernesto Francisco.

Collantes’ will was probated before the same court. Francisco said he had indeed sent a letter to Collantes’ beneficiaries, questioning the validity of the will and how the estate was partitioned.
According to a copy of the will obtained by Standard Today, his late wife left Collantes a South Forbes Park house and another house in Ayala Alabang.

But a far larger chunk of the Madrigal fortune, 40 percent of Doña Chito’s undetermined residuary estate, was bequeathed to Ma. Susana Madrigal, the senator’s elder sister. Another 40 percent was bequeathed to a still minor grandchild, Vicente P. Gustav Warns, and the remaining 20 percent to another niece, lawyer Gizela M. Gonzalez-Montinola, wife of Aurelio Montinola III, president of the Bank of the Philippine Islands.

Doña Chito appointed the BPI president two years ago to become the executor and trustee of her last will and testament along with corporate lawyer Perry Pe. Pe and Gonzalez-Montinola are partners in the Romulo Mabanta Buenaventura Sayoc and De Los Angeles law firm.

The Madrigal will was probated by the Makati Regional Trial Court in 2006, and it is not clear what legal grounds, if any, Senator Madrigal could invoke to invalidate it to presumably include herself among her aunt’s beneficiaries.

According to sources close to the Madrigals, Doña Chito had already advanced her niece’s share of the Madrigal fortune, P100 million, according to one account, when she underwrote Jamby’s senatorial campaign in 2004.

Ironically, the Madrigal matriarch detailed specific instructions in her will that she would not brook any inheritance feud about her undisclosed fortune even in her after-life.

“I do not wish any conflict between my beneficiaries involving my estate after my death,” Doña Chito, a top corporate lawyer in her younger days, said.

“Anyone of the beneficiaries, who should contest or question the acts or decisions of my executor/trustee in any proceedings, whether judicial or otherwise, shall be disqualified to be a beneficiary of my residuary estate.”

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  1. EJ says:

    Senator Jamby Madrigal proclaims that her suit against the estate of the late billionaire Chito Madrigal Collantes “is not about money but justice and principle.” This reminds me so much of another Madrigal senator who once said that “millionaires don’t steal.”

    All about justice and principle? Oh yeah? What then is the senator fighting for in suing the late Doña Chito’s estate because her probate disinherited her?

    Jamby proclaims she’s not greedy. Why then is she suing for inheritance?

    If Jamby and her lawyers must be educated about succession, only the forced heirs or forced legatees can inherit. If a wife or husband dies, one half of an estate goes to the remaining spouse as a forced heir. And if they have children, the remaining spouse also gets the equivalent share of each child. Thus, if there are five children, the remaining husband or wife gets 50 percent of the inheritance and one-fifth of the remaining 50 percent goes to the children, or equivalent to the share of each child.

    In the case of the Doña Chito’s estate, the only forced heir is her husband, Manoling Collantes, who is now on a wheelchair. All the others willed by Doña Chito are by her desire in a will that’s already probated. Thus, if Doña Chito did not include Jamby in her probate will in 2005, that’s her desire and will.

    Nobody can contest the will, not Jamby, unless they can prove that Doña Chito was insane, mentally incapacitated, or that her will was done under duress or threat. Jamby has the onus or the burden of proof. Can she?

    All about justice and principle? My gulay, the bottom line is all about money, billions of it.

    * * *

    Jamby and her lawyers may not realize it, but her suit against Doña Chito’s estate opens a can of worms.

    Since she admitted that Doña Chito funded her senatorial campaign in 2004 with no less than P100 million, and that Doña Chito allowed her to use her expensive helicopter worth no less than $15 million for that campaign, several questions are now being asked.

    Did Jamby declare all that in her campaign expenses submitted to the Commission on Elections? According to estimates, assuming that there were 29.4 million registered voters during the 2004 elections, at P1.50 per voter allowable expense would translate to only P44.1 million. Since the election expenses submitted by candidates in an election are public documents, it’s incumbent on the Comelec to make public how much Jamby declared as her election expenses.

    Since Jamby admitted Doña Chito allowed her to use the latter’s expense helicopter during the campaign, that’s also considered election expense because any donation in kind or paid in cash for a poll campaign is considered election expense. Jamby might have forgotten that the late Raul Manglapus and Maria Kalaw Katigbak were disqualified as senators because of violation of the limits in an election campaign.

    Oh yes, did Jamby cover everything in her tax declaration? The Bureau of Internal Revenue should be alerted since a senator cannot be over and above the law. Internal Revenue Commissioner Lilian Hefti must now be smiling since Jamby has just opened the gate for the bureau to go after her.

    My gulay, in effect, Jamby has just put her Prada shoes into her big mouth!

  2. Col.Smithe USMC (Ret'd) says:

    Senator Jamby Madrigal is an escaped mental patient that should be locked away in a room with paded walls.

  3. Valtemir Guimarães Costa says:

    I should like know more about Delia Collantes wife of late husband Florante Collantes. I should like with photo if possible. thanks.

  4. Truth says:

    This is to make things clear for everyone outside the Madrigal Family. I have no idea who you all are and where you get your information. Let justice take its course. Ask me the truth and i will tell you how it all happened. Jamby did not recieve what is mentioned above for her election. It seems that the people writing above are members of the guilty party. Four families are responsible in the death/murder of the Madrigal matriarch. One family is a bunch of drugged out, womanizing, drug runners. The other is a homosexual bank president. Next is one who has stolen millions from an investment bank. And the last one is just a crazy lady who needs to be institutionalized. The Senator fights for the truth. I can answer any question you ask. Hear this – if the late Dona Consuelo was as brilliant and respected as everyone says, how is it possible that she leave her fortune to all those who claim its theirs, in particular the families mentioned above? The truth is that she already disinherited many of them if not totally, then in partial. She was fed up with their behavior. She was fed up with the firearms, the drugs and the grand theft. She did change her will and they did not like it. Not one bit. The truth will come out. Until then she can not rest in peace.

  5. Truth says:

    PS: nothing personal against homosexuals. The bank president was needed in order to move accounts. The big time investment house theif was out of town along with the bank president and the gunrunning drunk. Yes, what a convinient excuse hey? Would you leave your beloved “mom” all alone if you knew that she was weak and dying? The crazy lady took care of the matriarch along with the help of a doctor and their own paid nurses and they really “took care” of her, leaving the matriarch breatheless. Is it considered acceptable for the crazy lady to laugh at and mock the matriarch as she was being embalmed?It is sad but true. Politics aside. Let us respect the departed and wish that their true will be heard and applied. The people that you all defend are the people who have saddened and hurt many. Would you leave your entire lifes worth to these people? Yes, proof is the issue. But just like God and Jesus, to most folk, to see is to believe hey?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well all I can say is poor little rich girl Jamby Madrigal. Kudos to Vicente P. Gustac Warns who is a shabu and heroin addict. Party on rich people!

  7. BA says:

    The 3 heirs, Cho-Cho, Gizela and Gustav were the three favourites of the late Dona Chito Madrigal. I knew that these 3 people were the beneficiaries which i was surprised that she did not change after how many years. I hope she left some to those people who worked with her for a long time who endured her eccentricity. Especially, Encarnation and her Secretary!!! What happened to her fabulous jewelleries? Where did it go? Hope nobody got their hands before the inventory:)

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