Filipinos experiencing People Power fatigue

Groups seeking President Arroyo’s ouster through another bloodless revolt have failed to get popular support because of “people power fatigue”, a sociologist said.

Sociologist Josephine Aguilar said many Filipinos are pessimistic about conducting another “People Power” revolt similar to mass actions in 1986 and 2001 that deposed presidents Ferdinand Marcos and Joseph Estrada.

“People power fatigue na nga ito. Kapag kinausap mo ang mga tao napapagod na sila dahil paulit-ulit ang nangyayari at pare-pareho din ang mga taong involved, malalaking tao (This is people power fatigue. If you would talk to the people, they would say they are already tired because [these kind of controversies] are just going in circles, with the same people involved, big people),” Aguilar said.

She noted that the bishops’ call for “communal action” amid the latest corruption scandal affecting the Arroyo administration is too general.

“Masyadong generalized ang statement. ‘Di specific kung ano ang ibig sabihin. Unless sabihin nila na lumabas sa kalsada, ‘yun ang malinaw (The [CBCP statement] was too general. It’s not specific. Unless they tell the people to go out into the streets, that’s clear),” she said.

Activist groups renewed calls for Mrs. Arroyo’s ouster recently after a Senate witness revealed First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo’s possible involvement in the multimillion-dollar broadband deal between the government and China’s ZTE Corp.

On Monday only a few ralliers arrived for a street protest outside the Senate building in Pasay City, which coincided with the hearing on the ZTE-NBN deal inquiry.

Several people interviewed by ABS-CBN said they were unsure if the Senate inquiry would amount to anything.

“Sino ba naman ang aaming may kasalanan? Bahala na sila diyan. Wala naman kaming mapapala diyan,” said one bystander.

(Who is going to admit that he was wrong? We leave it up to [the Senate]. We won’t get anything out of it.]

Another bystander noted that the Senate conducts hearing after hearing everytime there is news about alleged corruption in government. “If there is a new issue, the old scandal would be forgotten. I just hope that something good would come out of this,” he noted.

In London, several overseas Filipino workers who watched Monday’s Senate hearing on the NBN deal said they are fed up with renewed calls for Mrs. Arroyo’s resignation.

OFW Abel Canlas said Filipinos are just tired of the neverending congressional investigations, which is why Congress is not getting enough cooperation from many sectors.

He said that instead of calling for the President’s ouster, progressive groups should start thinking about accepting the administration’s offer of reconciliation.

Bertie Lim, executive director of the Makati Business Club, meanwhile, said his group is supporting calls for Mrs. Arroyo’s resignation.

He, however, the group would have to consult other groups, including the Church before they actually move against Mrs. Arroyo.

Civil society groups have scheduled a series of protest actions in the coming days to support Senate witness Rodolfo Noel Lozada’s revelations about the botched NBN deal and his alleged abduction. With reports from TV Patrol and ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau

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  1. […] to mass actions in 1986 and 2001 that deposed presidents Ferdinand Marcos and Joseph Estrada. (more…) Philippines News : Read the rest of this article […]

  2. Gilbert says:

    Fatigue or simply pessimism. There is no assurance that things would go for the better. The first people power, the sentiment was that anyone would do, even Cory, just to have Ferdinand Marcos out. Then, in the second one, we learned a lot, so we exercised our people power and by law, we had Gloria assume from being Vice President to President. But… if you remove her from power, who would you have? Noli? Is he really the rightful vice president in the first place? I believe he got the position by the collective efforts of electoral fraud.

  3. Timawang Tasyo says:

    “…Where the Courts and the corrupt Mandarins treat the people as ‘Fish and Meat,’ and trample on theri rights and welfare, the result is inertia and stagnation, mutual distrust, and concern for self and family.”

    (Phan Boi Chau, Viet Nam Quoc Su Khao)

  4. reb_el z. says:

    in my opinion, we can say whatever we want…whether it be that the people are truly fatigued or just lost optimism, but the bigger problem is that our years as being a colonized country still renders many to become submissive…they only see politics as a form of justification for all the systemic subjugation of their families, and unfortunately their only model for good governance is the current corrupt state…

    when other people say that they lost hope in the politics getting better, i just say that its a phase in the consciousness we have to overcome…we have elders that have been fighting for years, those that survive the world war, faux independence, fqs, edsa, and still we truly haven’t achieve what we wanted…we can’t change more than 300 years of colonization with 100 years of try and fail…but it doesn’t mean that we can give up…

    all us who grew up listening of revolutionary rallies are tired of hearing that the fights of the past are still on-going…but for me, i have to keep the faith that one day, slave consciousness will break…

    There are a few who aren’t bought, who don’t sell themselves to politics, and who truly represent those in need…its just hard when media would rather put out stupid kid shows, teleserias, or asap bullsh*t. and on top of that we have corrupt and guilty politicians who parade themseleves on tv tryin to convince us that they are innocent!

  5. Timawang Tasyo says:

    Ang ating kailangan ay isang taong makapagbabalik sa atin ng ating kaluluwa bilang Silangang Malaya. Ang isang tulad ni Jose Mercado. Hindi magtatagal, kung walang makapagtutupad sa tungkuling ito, hindi natin makikita ang pagbabago at kaunladan ng lahat ng walang nagaganap na himagsikan.

  6. Rollycb - california says:

    Luli Aroyo, ipinagtatanggol mo ang iyong AMA natural yan. Naisip mo ba na dahil sa yong ama at sa mga malapit sa inyo ay lalong naghihirap ang pinas????? napakabulok ng pangunguna ng ina mo (sorry) but its true. Pati justice secretary na dapat nasa nutral position ay nasa panig pa ng iyong ina????

  7. benjie estuche - philadelphia says:

    Anything done through illusionary prodding will never achieve conrete results. Pag pinagsama mo ang Pulitika at Relihiyon, the influence of one over the other will affect the result: Politics will corrupt religion or Religion will engender a moral regeneration over Politics.

    The Philippine experience is one that married the Spouses Politics and Religion since 1521 when the Cross was first planted in Cebu: it was a religious act with political purposes OR it was a political act under the shadow of religious pretense. Conquest and occupation, by force or intimidation, of a territory alien to one’s own is a political act. Declaring such conquered and occupied territory as property of a King (of Spain) is also a political act. Adding to that declaration the name of God as co-owner is not only a sin of biblical proportion but also a deceptive religious act to justify the main political objective and hide the fact that the natives were systemiatically robbed of their lands and souls.

    Most revolutionary changes in the Philippines as history will attest involved the partiipation of the Religious from the Catholic Church. This could have guaranteed a moral ascendancy over the political events of our history. The truth is it did not but, on the contrary, dragged the country down into the dregs of corruption and abyssmal hopelessness. The fatigue is all but psychosomatic after the physical aspect of abuse on the motherland had been done when she had already been spiritually broken.

  8. reb_el z. says:

    absolutely brotha…

    religion theoritically could add morality to any political situation such as ours…but practically when or where in history has religion ever dominated and people declare that they are truly free as well as politically satisfied?

    though i am an athiest, i do wish that somehow or someway religion could make any society better…but certain expectations indoctrinated in theology disallows freedom and ultimately a just society dissapates inevitably (in fact, shorter than exepcted)

    but in Philippines, like benjie pointed out, started from a sham of Machiavellian overtake in the guise of the Word of God…in fact, every political takeover feels the same, hiding behind the face of God to justify the means of power…

    i dunno man, to me…i wish common sense would be taken for more worth than its current demise

  9. Rollycb - california says:

    Madam Gloria, you have few hours to leave malacanang. If De Castro wouldnt like to accept the post dahil di nya kaya (mahina kasi utak hehehe) let the Senate President assume post of president. Mabuhay na kayo lahat diyan. Goodbye madam Gloria.

  10. michael says:

    Sa mga Pilipinong gustong maibilang sa katotohanan…

  11. b*tch says:

    humnn,,,gloria,,,hindi ka pa ba nababahala sa mga nangyayari sayo..? well,, if not,,then what are KARMAS are for…KarMa na bahala sayo… kung hindi man sayo,,,well you wait for the next generation of your specie,,mga hayop…kayo… taong bayan ngbabayad ng mga inutang nyo na kayo lng din nmn ang nakikinabang… and one more thing… i believe na kagagawan nyolng din yung pagpapbagsak nu kay estrada para kayo na ang maghari n diz country…! how come that a small you cud do this… di ka na nahiya.kaliit liit mong tao..ganyan pa mga pinagkakagawa moh…ulol…!

  12. b*tch says:

    hopefully gumagawa na ang nasa taas ng hkbang paa matapos na toh…! sobrang phirap na nangyayari sa pinas,,,una yung jose pida,, nxt is the hello Garci tape,,,taz now the ZTE deal,,,anoh pa kaya susunod…kung ako sayo gloria… patiwakal k n lng…! sorry to offense you,,, coz you know wat… kaming mga kabataan lubos na maaapektuhan… sana manaig n ang katotohanan… day…!

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