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Philippine Idol Finals

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By Jove Francisco – An hour before I went to the Araneta Coliseum, I was in SM Centerpoint, lined up in a counter to pay for stuff I got in the toiletries section. I was waiting for my turn when I looked to my left and saw these Read more »

After and Before

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Just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock lately, or you’re a woman. You’ve probably heard or seen the 2007 wine calendar featuring our almost too young pamangkin Angelica Panganiban. A quick google search will point you to the right direction. What’s the hoopla? Well, after said highly Photoshopped Read more »

Philippine Idol – 9th Elimination

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By Jove Francisco – My recap tonight will be short. Sorry about that, I need to sleep early tonight, big and very important day tomorrow, Monday. Wish me luck!

Philippine Idol – 8th Elimination

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(He’s got the skinny, take it away Jove) One visitor posted a question here last night after the show. She was asking me if I was one of those inside the Philippine Idol theatre who cried after the elimination of Pow Chavez. The answer’s no. Why? Because I was Read more »

APO album in iTunes

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Aha, look what popped up in iTunes suddenly – the tribute album Kami nAPO muna! When we heard about this album some months ago, iTunes was the first place we went looking for it. Sadly it was nowhere to be found except for some dark alleys in the nether Read more »

Britney Spears files for divorce

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(This piece of news does not have anything to do with Pinoys but our Editors insisted we post it because well, she is hot copy and Pinoys ARE interested, or are you? We’ll surely examine the page views on this one.) Pop star Britney Spears has filed for Read more »