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The Eraserheads saga: The making and unmaking of a rock n’ roll dream

Bong Godinez – Marooned comfortably on a couch inside a science lab turned dressing room, Eraserheads frontman Ely Buendia downplayed the news that the band’s current single “Julie Tear Jerky,” lifted from the band’s Asian album Aloha Milky Way had gone number 1 in Indonesia.

Naming names: Online ‘telenovela’ indicts RP ‘high’ society

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via Inquirer.net – A media celeb texted Rushes about the hottest blog in the Net-variously described by Netizens as “addicting,” “engrossing” and “revolutionary.” (Huh?) Naming (big pop society) names and tagging them as cocaine users, freeloaders and wild clubbers, it makes “Gossip Girl” look like a Disney musical. (Link after Read more »

The problem with blogging….

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By Malu Fernandez – Just this morning I got a text telling me to check out some blog with juicy gossip about the so called “Gucci Gang” curiously enough I logged on and read all the gossip and juicy details. Whether or not the stories were true I didn’t Read more »

Amazing Visa Journey

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The consular officer who interviewed Arnel Pineda, a native of the Philippines, obviously agreed that he was not hired to deny visas – but rather to let the good guys in. As a result, Arnel Pineda is now the newest member and lead singer of the rock band Journey. Read more »

Lord of the Forest

Philippine eagles: Runaway logging threatens to wipe out one of the world’s largest raptors. Now people are waking up to its plight. If the irrevocable transition of one species from rarity to extinction causes a rent in the fabric of our planet, exactly how big a hole would be Read more »

Filipino wannabe singer Renaldo Lapuz rocks “American Idol” auditions

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By Jocelyn Dimaculangan – Philippines’ QTV-11 recently aired the two-part premiere of American Idol’s seventh season. One of the highlights is the entertaining audition of a Filipino who is tagged as the William Hung of this batch.