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The miracle of a classic movie resurrected

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By Fei Phoon – While many films spend a brief period in the spotlight before fading into obscurity, there are some which seem to grow increasingly powerful over time. Lost Filipino classic “Himala,” is one such film that looks set for a revival over two decades after it was Read more »

Meet the Newest Pinoy Superhero

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GMA introduces the newest Pinoy superhero — “Carlo J. Caparas’ Gagambino.” The much anticipated graphic novel from OFW Komiks will feature Dennis Trillo in his first ever title role project and will bring to life the charming and heroic character of Bino.

Regardless of the motive

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By Armida Siguion-Reyna – Mulling over the possibility of watching as much could possibly be seen in one sitting of Lav Diaz’s nine-hour “Kadaganan sa Banwaan Ning Mga Engkanto” (English title: “Death in the Land of Encantos”)” I hear it’s been rated “X” by the First Review Committee of the Read more »

Pinoys in UK demand, get apology for ‘racist’ comedy skit

By ROSE ECLARINAL LONDON–Simultaneous protests spearheaded by Filipino organizations in London were held on Friday in front of offices of television companies that were behind a segment depicting a Filipina maid on a British comedy show as a sex object.

The Amazing Philippines Beauties Contest

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Candidates for the Amazing Philippines Beauties contest for transvestites and transsexuals wave after they were presented to the media at a hotel in Manila October 7, 2008. Some 25 contestants are vying for the annual crown which will be handed out on October 24.

Meet the first Pinoy to win an Emmy

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By RICARDO F. LO – Here’s another “proud to be Pinoy” story: Multi-awarded animator Jess Espanola made Filipinos proud during the recent 60th Annual Creative Arts Emmy Awards by an Emmy trophy for his work as Assistant Director for the The Simpsons’ Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind which was Read more »