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Placement firm must refund $1.8M to Filipino

Ingrid Cruz teaches robotics at Scotlandville Middle Pre-Engineering Academy in Baton Rouge, La., in 2009. She’s one of more than 350 teachers that unions allege were kept in “virtual servitude” by the recruiting firm that placed them. By Greg Toppo, USA TODAY A Los Angeles-based placement firm that brought Read more »

Too soon

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(Editor’s note: To many of you following the story of Pyro, the kid who had the strongest will of heart we’ve ever seen – this update will certainly put a tear in your eye.) “His spirit was willing, but his flesh was already weakened so much, his spirit has Read more »

40 Good Reasons to be ‘Pinoy’

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NI ROLAND TOLENTINO – Kung iginagalang itong makulay na mundo ng pagka-Filipino, bakit naghihikahos ang driver at pasahero sa loob nito? Trip down memory lane tayo: magkano ang pamasahe mo noong sumasakay ka ng jeep, at sa ikot noong nag-aaral ka sa UP? Magkano na ang pamasahe ngayon?

Filipinos Are Taking More Calls in Outsourcing Boom

New employees at a call center in Manila receive training. There are now 100 call centers in the Philippines. By DONALD GREENLEES – MANILA — As India moves up-market in outsourcing, the Philippines is quickly gaining a share of the customer-service call center business. It may be a low-end, Read more »

Erosion of English Skills Threatens Growth in the Philippines

By CARLOS CONDE – DAVAO CITY, Philippines — Angeli Boteros speaks English like an American teenager. A lifetime of watching American television and movies has left her sentences peppered with the trademark phrases of American youth, including “like” and “you know.”

Only in the Philippines (Congress that is)

Lanao congresswoman goes ballistic over pork (Star) Dreading the wrath of Allah and feeling “grossly insulted,’’ a Muslim congresswoman slapped and shoved a waitress who served her pancit (noodles) with pork during a dinner at the House of Representatives last Monday. Lanao del Sur Rep. Faysah Dumarpa said she Read more »