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Fast Food for the Filipino Soul

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By MARK FOGGIN – IT’S the rare neighborhood of mom-and-pop shops that actually welcomes a fast-food joint. But for months, the Filipino-American community centered in Woodside, Queens New York, has been eagerly awaiting the opening of a Filipino food-chain restaurant called Jollibee, and describing its dishes in breathless, almost Read more »

Do not reject your food heritage

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By Perla Aragon-Choudhury – Amy Besa, a graduate of the Institute (now College) of Mass Communication in the early 1970s, returned to the University of the Philippines last Thursday to deliver a lecture but she did not touch on the media. Not at all.

Beyond Balut with Bourdain

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By Therese Jamora-Garceau – Anthony Bourdain is the most rock-star of cable TV’s rock-star chefs. As host of the Discovery Travel & Living show No Reservations, he travels the world in search of hedonistic pleasures and extreme culinary adventures, to the point he’s been labeled the Indiana Jones of the Read more »

What’s your favorite Filipino dish?

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By Mons Romulo-Tantoco – I can never survive on long trips abroad without having Filipino food. After a few days, I crave for sinigang na hipon and adobo. With our passion for eating, our country has produced world-class chefs here and abroad — some of them have even worked Read more »

‘No Worries’ for the Vegetarian Filipino

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By Dino-Ray Ramos – For many, taking away meat from the diet of the meat-centric Filipino culture is like taking away their affection for karaoke and San Miguel beer. But vegetarian chef Jay-Ar Pugao has put these presumptions to rest with No Worries Catering, a business that caters (pun intended) Read more »

Filipino Flavors

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Manila’s Magical, Misunderstood Cuisine By ROBYN ECKHARDT “But there’s no good food there!” friends told me as I prepared for a food-focused trip to Manila more than two years ago.