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People still want June opening for classes

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By Ashzel Hachero – The Department of Education yesterday said majority of Filipinos still prefer a school opening in June instead of the proposed September. Education Secretary Jesli Lapus said a survey conducted from August to September by the department showed 66 percent of respondents were against the September Read more »

Filipino teachers held in ‘servitude’

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By Greg Toppo and Icess Fernandez, USA TODAY BATON ROUGE — It has been more than two years since Ingrid Cruz aced a middle-of-the-night video interview in Manila, borrowed $10,000 from her parents and flew halfway around the world to take a job here teaching middle school science.

15 million Filipinos can’t read, write

By Angelo G. Garcia – There are a total of 15 million illiterate Filipinos, 11 million of them suffering from functional illiteracy and four million suffering from no basic literacy skills.

Shorter classes in public schools hit

By Gemma Bagayaua Mendoza – If you were in grade 1 three decades ago, you would have spent at least 8 hours every day at school. This already included lunch and mid-morning breaks or recess, said former Education Undersecretary Miguel Luz.

School away from home

By Ina R. Hernando – While many lament the decrease in quality of education here in the Philippines, the influx of foreign students may disprove just that. Major universities and colleges in Metro Manila have noted an increase in students coming from other countries.

Penguin Books publishes Noli Me Tangere

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GoodNewsPilipinas – Penguin Books has published the newest translation of Jose Rizal’s “Noli Me Tangere” for the global market. This establishes the Rizal novel as one of the world’s classics, an epic novel that contends with Leo Tolstoy’s “War and Peace.”