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Female execs dominate in Philippines

By Carol Lloyd – Today’s story about a report from the Department of Labor and Employment that women in the Philippines far outnumber men in executive positions should pique the interest of feminists around the world. Actually, the predominance of women in senior positions in the workplace in the Philippines Read more »

Demand and Supply

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By BOO CHANCO – It may be funny for Philippine Airlines to register as anything other than a Philippine airline. But what would stop Lucio Tan from creating a new airline called Air Guam and register it as an American flag carrier to enjoy the benefits here under the Read more »

Manila’s Jollibee eyes more fastfood buys in China

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MANILA, July 5 (Reuters) – Jollibee Foods Corp. , the Philippines’ biggest fastfood chain, said on Thursday it planned to buy three more fastfood brands in China at a cost of up to $120 million. Jollibee, which outsells McDonalds and KFC in its home market, already operates two fastfood brands Read more »

iPhone: What the Critics Say

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Boston Globe Hiawatha Bray writes that he couldn’t trash the iPhone if he wanted to. The Globe sees the iPhone as unprecedented and says it leads the way for the newest cell phone technology: “For it’s not just cool; this phone is important, in the same way that Apple’s Read more »

Philippines to stick to 2007 borrowing plan

MANILA, June 26 (Reuters) – The Philippines is sticking to its borrowing programme for the year even though the country’s tax take in the first five months of 2007 was lower than expected, acting National Treasurer Roberto Tan said on Tuesday.

Business heads urge Asia to start showing global leadership

SINGAPORE (AFP) – Asia must start to take a leading role in tackling pressing global issues including climate change, business chiefs said Sunday at the World Economic Forum on East Asia. The region’s increased economic might has resulted in higher expectations for Asian countries to come together and play a Read more »