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A Plagiarist’s Rant Against Birth Control

By Miguel Syjuco/nytimes.com – While anatomically illiterate politicians in America babble about “legitimate rape,” a Filipino legislator opposed to birth control has been shedding crocodile tears in Parliament and plagiarizing speeches to bolster the case against reproductive rights. On Aug. 13, the Senate majority leader, Tito Sotto, wept while Read more »

Senator Sotto’s Senatorial Sperm

By: Margarita Holmes Dear Senator Sotto, Please forgive me for what may seem a bit presumptuous – writing you, an elected member of Congress, an open letter like this. But what the hell, presuming that you were one of the 24 elected by our nation because they believed Read more »

‘Is Metro Manila safe to live in?’

DEMAND AND SUPPLY By Boo Chanco – The best tweet on our horrific experience this week came from Valenzuela mayor Sherwin Gatchalian. “I call on the 17 mayors of Metro Manila to have an in-depth discussion on the vulnerability of the metro. Is Metro Manila safe to live in?” Read more »

The dictator

By: Patricia Evangelista We are told we are on the verge of open war. The generals are mounting their cavalry; the defenders of the faith are mustering their troops. This war did not spring from the deaths of the 11 members of the New People’s Army killed in a Read more »

Dear people in power

COUNTERFLOW By James Deakin – Hello. A few of my readers and I would like to talk to you about the awful state of our roads. Not just the potholes, but the anarchy that takes place on them every single day. I know you’re busy, what with the Read more »

Disneyland in the Philippines

By Tony Katigbak/philstar.com – When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Why can’t the Philippines be seriously considered as the perfect location for a fourth Asian branch of American theme park Disneyland? It’s a brilliant idea as proposed by Pampanga First District Rep. Carmelo “Tarzan” Lazatin in Read more »