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Why Pinoys hang on to Christmas for 4 months

By Michael L. Tan/Philippine Daily Inquirer – Officialy, the early morning Misa de Gallo today, so called because of the crowing of roosters (gallo), marks the beginning of a nine-day countdown to Christmas but every Filipino, and expatriate, knows the Christmas season here starts much earlier, covering the last Read more »

Filipino peace means nothing to immigrants

By Patrick Lee/freemalaysiatoday.com – If there is peace in the Southern Philippines, will the thousands of immigrants in Sabah finally leave? Local pundits don’t think so. Even if peace comes to the conflict-ridden Southern Philippines, few in Sabah believe that Filipino immigrants or refugees now residing in Read more »

Oh please take time to explain, Sen. Escudero

EDITORIAL | By: InterAksyon.com By all means, any legislator’s initiative to amend the Cybercrime Law, and to rid it of provisions that could threaten free expression online, should be supported. Senator Teofisto “TG” Guingona III has filed a petition before the Supreme Court, and as one who voted against Read more »

A Plagiarist’s Rant Against Birth Control

By Miguel Syjuco/nytimes.com – While anatomically illiterate politicians in America babble about “legitimate rape,” a Filipino legislator opposed to birth control has been shedding crocodile tears in Parliament and plagiarizing speeches to bolster the case against reproductive rights. On Aug. 13, the Senate majority leader, Tito Sotto, wept while Read more »

Senator Sotto’s Senatorial Sperm

By: Margarita Holmes Dear Senator Sotto, Please forgive me for what may seem a bit presumptuous – writing you, an elected member of Congress, an open letter like this. But what the hell, presuming that you were one of the 24 elected by our nation because they believed Read more »

‘Is Metro Manila safe to live in?’

DEMAND AND SUPPLY By Boo Chanco – The best tweet on our horrific experience this week came from Valenzuela mayor Sherwin Gatchalian. “I call on the 17 mayors of Metro Manila to have an in-depth discussion on the vulnerability of the metro. Is Metro Manila safe to live in?” Read more »