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Isn’t today the 67th Phl Independence Day?

By Bobit S. Avila/The Philippine Star – Today is supposedly the 67th anniversary of Philippine independence because way back in my high school days at the University of San Carlos (USC) Boy’s High School (BHS) it was a momentous day when the nation would be holding parades and marches Read more »

Cultural Catholics

By Michael L. Tan/Philippine Daily Inquirer – The results of the recent Social Weather Stations survey on Roman Catholic (I’ll use “Catholic” from here on, for convenience) belief and practice in the Philippines have caused a stir, particularly the figure of 9 percent of respondents agreeing with the statement “Sometimes Read more »

The invisible Pinoy in New York City

By Maki Somosot/Rappler.com – I live in New York City. It is a city of dizzying extremes, the magnificence of human accomplishment as exhilarating as the grinding poverty and hopelessness that punctuate its streets – an omnipresent stimulant for the soul. It is where the whole world comes to Read more »

The help

By Conrado de Quiros/Philippine Daily Inquirer – It’s the sort of thing that puts you in a quandary. That’s the unanimous decision of Hong Kong’s top court to deny two Filipino domestic workers permanent residency there. The two are Evangeline Vallejos and Daniel Domingo. Vallejos has worked in Hong Read more »

A response to the ‘love letter to Filipinos’

By Blanche D. Gallardo/Philippine Daily Inquirer – A recently published “Love Letter to Filipinos” (PDI Opinion page, Feb. 18, 2013) must have lifted the spirit and filled the heart of every Filipino reader with joy—with good reason. We are a people much given to self-denigration. Heaven knows we could Read more »

EDSA na naman?

By DLS Pineda/he Philippine Star – Amajority of our country’s population is now comprised of individuals born after 1986. At best, whatever knowledge we, aged 27 and below, have of what went on at EDSA and martial law comes from books, classroom discussions, or personal accounts of our elders. Read more »