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Wanted: Stripper

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When I was starting out in this country 10 years ago, I didn’t have my own car. I was recommended to go to this mechanic to rent a car for a while until I am able to purchase one. I was conned by this mechanic to Read more »

Studying Under Nobel Winner Edmund Phelps

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[Editor’s Note: We would like to welcome Stephanie Tanyu Coyiuto, more commonly know as Stenie, a 23-year-old aspiring business woman, a writer, a photographer, and a traveler. She’ll be sharing her writings and her adventures as a grad student living in New York city.] By Stenie – “Congratulations, Professor Phelps!” Read more »

That Token Asian Guy

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[Editor’s Note: We would like to welcome The Donger, read on and you’ll know what it means. He will fill us in on the life of a Fil-Am in search of his roots. This week, on being the only Pinoy in the South.] During my high school years Read more »

Pst…Pinoy ka din?

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[Editor’s Note: We would like to welcome RAGING Bubuli, a bubuli breeder on the loose in search of vexing Pinoys. Let’s join him as he rants his way through the pages of thePinoy every week. First up, on meeting Pinoys.] Have you ever been in a situation where you’re Read more »