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Will the Philippines Finally Legalize Divorce?

By Gin de Mesa Laranas/nytimes.com – This is the Philippines, not Vatican City. And yet here we are, in 2016, the only country in the world other than the Holy See that still outlaws divorce. Although our Constitution formally guarantees the separation of church and state, the Catholic establishment here Read more »

OPINION | Why do Filipinos like malls?

By Jorge Mojarro/InterAksyon.com (Editor’s note: Jorge Mojarro, a Spaniard, is a PhD candidate doing research on Filipiniana. He has lived and worked in the Philippines since 2009, walking its streets, taking the LRT, and even enjoying the occasional basketball game with Manilenos.) The first time I realized how important Read more »

Pride, prejudice and politics in Philippine sports

By Antonio P. Contreras/gmanetwork.com – We take pride in our basketball team and we broke into delirious jubilation when it won against Senegal, the first ever after decades of losses. We talked about the never-say-die attitude, and celebrated the players’ hearts as being the advantage they had despite the Read more »

Betraying the Filipino language

By Antonio P. Contreras/gmanetwork.com – I already anticipate that I will be criticized for writing this piece in English. Indeed, if I bleed for the Filipino language, one can easily mock me that I should be writing this in Filipino, and not in English. The fact that Read more »

Why do maids have to wear uniforms?

By Joey Ramirez/rappler.com – Walking to work recently, I saw a matrona who seems to have made Doña Victorina from Noli Me Tangere her model and aspiration. Despite having Filipina features, I wager she must have ingested at least 10 bottles of Glutathione pills (the alabaster tone of her skin Read more »

Holy day or holiday?

By Elfren S. Cruz/The Philippine Star – In the Christian year, the two most important days are Christmas and Easter. Advent is the period of celebration before Christmas. Lent is the time of sacrifice and penitence before Easter. Christmas has a fixed date because it relates to the Read more »